Case Study Honda’s ASiMO
Meet ASIMO! He is 4 feet towering, with a pleasurable trivial suffrage, and the power to apprehend-again
and interact with people; so-far, ASIMO is no branch. He is the humanoid robot “brainchild” of scientists at Honda. ASIMO’s technology includes couple camera eyes to map its environment and apprehend-again singular countenances. Its collectiveness discovering is so humanrelish that it can hasten at 3.5 mph, toss a circle to resemble with a branch, and manifestation its opposable thumbs to unreserved a bottle and subsubserve you a calm quaff. ASIMO is the indeficient common mate.
Honda has referable so-far made ASIMO serviceable to alienation control abode manifestation excluding it is solely a stuff of season until families can accept their possess humanoid robot. Excluding referable everysingle is careful. Consumers are a piece pregnant environing a robot serving them meals or sitting dpossess and pointed them the intelligence of the day. Why? May-be it is Hollywood’s rule on our sight of robots. It authority referable be the luscious WALL­E that comes to belief when we purpose environing robots, excluding the Terminator or another imminent epochnt.
If consumers are referable unhesitating control ASIMO, may-be they are unhesitating control some of its features. Facial Recognition Technology (FRT), the power control a computer to “read” your countenance, is inspection potent fruit and collision. According to some analysts, the FRT dispense is expected to accrue from $1.92 billion to $6.5 billion amid the contiguous 5 years.
Advertisers and arrogant brands are taking referableice of FRT. Imagine a billboard in a mall that advertises Abercrombie to a teen maid and Target to a engaged mom. Immersive Labs is single guild that has familiar digital billboards that appraise the epoch dispose, gender, and plain regard equalize of a passerby to entrust a tailored ad.
According to researchers, FRT can do past than discover your countenance and admire unconcealed tangible characteristics. It can map quenched a biometric line that is as singular as your fingerprint. Red Pepper is a guild that manifestations this recent technology to unfold Countenancedeals, a smartphsingle app that provides personalized proposes to consumers. Here’s how it works. You download the app, step into a fund with a Countenancedeals camera, and are apprehend-againd. Countenancedeals interfaces with your Countenancebook instruction, analyzing your content
control favorite brands, interdependence standing, places visited, and other instruction. Then, Countenancedeals presents you with a personalized propose.
The dispenseing collisions control FRT are close. Google is in-reference-to letting men-folks manifestation a collectiveness noise, may-be a “wink” or “eyebrow change-of-place,” as their FRT password. has unveiled an app where your webcam watches your facial responses when you aspect ads to imbibe what fruits and ads you relish and loathe.
Many brands apprehend single clew to happy dispenseing is to propose the correct fruit to the correct consumer at the correct season. With FRT, dispenseers can terminate this sight at a entire innovating equalize.
Discussion Questions CS 1­1 What are the most relishly dispense segments control ASIMO? CS 1­2 How could Honda overpower hindrance to the fancy of a abode robot? CS 1­3 What concerns authority consumers accept in-reference-to FRT?

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