In In this paper the the main idea is ”Why Game of Thrones Has International Success” and ”How it’s more than a TV show”. Also, the audience for this article will be readers of an entertainment magazin. how the paper would look like. First, create an opening to identify your chosen cultural artifact and to explain its transnational status. Next, provide a detailed description of the artifact and how it has been received in different cultural contexts. Then, write an analysis of what makes the artifact popular (currently or potentially) or not so popular. You may follow with a discussion of how it may be adapted (if applicable). Finally, include a discussion of the implications–what the artifact says about transnational pop culture in general or about pop culture from similar cultural contexts, or about the future of the artifact under consideration. There is an example of what the paper will look like in the files. There are 5 sources that you are going to use for this article, 4 of them are in the files, and source number 5 is in your hand you can choose any source. Also, you need to add two pictures that support your paragraph.Please follow the instructions thank you!! 🙂

the due for the full paper is on November 20, but the first three pages of the paper are due on November 18

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