How to do a statistics Study Analysis

Question description

Quasi Experiment Quasi Experiment_001.jpg Quasi Experiment_002.jpg Quasi Experiment_003.jpg Quasi Experiment_004.jpg Quasi Experiment_005.jpg Quasi Experiment_006.jpg Quasi Experiment_007.jpg Quasi Experiment_008.jpg Quasi Experiment_009.jpg 1. What research question(s) does the study address? 2. What is
Goldberg’s rationale for the study? Was the study designed to contribute to
theory? Do the results of the study contribute to theory? For both questions: If
so, how? If not, why not? 3. What constructs does the study address? How
are they operationalized? 4. What are the independent and dependent
variables in the study? 5. Name the type of design the researchers used.
6. What internal and external validity threats did the researchers
address in their design? How did they address them? Are there threats they did
not address? If so how does the failure to address the threats affect the
researchers’ interpretations of their findings? Are Goldberg’s conclusions
convincing? Why or why not?