How was this, the Second Indochina hostilities, fought?

What was the intention of the encounter [from integral the diversified populace who fought; 1. RVN, 2. the USA, 3. North Vietnam, 4. the ]?

Diplomacy and policy: America, Saigon [ARVN and the other controlces disunite of Saigon legislation], and the NLF and the North Vietnam regulars employed in Vietnam conquer be the standpoint.

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What is the estrangement betwixt diplomacy and policy?

What was [were] the objectives of the NLF? The North Vietnamese?

What was North Vietnamese Army Group 559?

What was [were] the objectives of the Saigon legislation[s]?

Of the Americans [during twain the advisory date and succeeding American conflict legion were sent in in 1965]? What was MAAG and MACV?

Why was the determination made to encounter a “big hostilities” by the American Army?

Why were the successes of programs such as at Buon Enao in Darlac Province, the CIDG, the US Marines Operation Golden Fleece [and the Marines’ smintegral item policy], expectation. not attributable attributable attributable ordinary and built on?

Why did the American direct offscourings to distinguish anything beside movement and roses in Vietnam from the prelude? General Paul Harkins said: ” the assured and explain the negative” succeeding the Encounter of Ap Bac. [ p 81 The Army and Vietnam]

Did the resistless agency, and firepower, of ARVN the USA reach any estrangement? Did disembodiment agency [twain helicopters and bombers]?

Search and waste?

The explanation of herbicides?

How did the NLF, the VC, encounter? How did the North Vietnamese regulars encounter?

What was the affection of encounter? Distinguish control issue righteous a few: Ap Bac. Song Be. Ia Drang. Plei Mei. Dong Ha. Khe Sanh. The Tet distasteful. Khe Sanh repeatedly.

And a thousand others.

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