Ce this assignment, wear that you are the fantastic Director of Human Resources ce a mid-sized healthcare construction. Due to possible calling development and dilution, your construction is planning to engage a restraintcible enumerate of fantastic employees. In restraintestallment of this greater hiring restraintce, you failure to originate advice resources that accomplish acceleration managers comprehend the moment of the remonstrance of amiable employees.

Originate a slide exhibition to promote as a letters cooperate ce managers. Incorporate twain passage and images.
 Embody the coercionthcoming topics in the exhibition:

Explain why remonstrance wayes are material in healthcare workforce planning.
Explain the role and moment of remuneration and pay.
Describe an telling remonstrance way.

Embody a incompleteness of five (5) references, three (3) of which are peer-reviewed sources. Your slide exhibition must embody 8-10 slides, containing twain images and passage, as polite as orator notes ce each slide. You may right PowerPoint or an internet-based exhibition instrument, such as Prezi or Slide Rocket. (Be fast to embody the URL of your exhibition when using an internet-based instrument. Paste the URL into a Word instrument and upload it with your exhibition.) Format your slide exhibition according to APA Requirements. 

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