Step 1: Begin Constellation of Ethnical Media Style to the Table of Directors 
Assemble the styles generated in Units 1–4 into a newlight, complete style that obtain be completed in this enactment. This step should enclose synthesis of the aftercited sections: 

Title Page  
Constabulary Resume [Placeholder: this is completed in Step 3]  
Table of Contents [Placeholder: this is completed in Step 4]  
Section 1: Current Ethnical Media Environment  
Section 2: Company’s Ethnical Media Posture 
Section 3: Comparator Group Ethnical Media Posture  
Section 4: Company’s Ethnical Media Competitive Composition  
Section 5: Instructions and Expected Contact [Placeholder: this is completed in Step 2]  
References [Placeholder: this is completed in Step 4]  
Appendices [Placeholder: this is completed in Step 4] 

Step 2: Instructions and Expected Contact
Based on the employment completed in Units 1–4, amplify at smallest 1 instruction in each of the areas listed adown that are prepared to mend the company’s competitive ethnical media composition. Be believing to enclose a detailed style of the instruction, an overview of how the instruction would be implemented, and a argument of the expected contact of each instruction. 

Benefits and Compensation  
Employee Relations  
Talent Management  

Step 3: Constabulary Resume
Amplify an overview (2–3 pages) presenting guide points from complete five sections of the style. Constabulary summaries are regularly enclosed in styles to the table of directors as a affability, to completeow them to instantly assess the overcomplete style and facilitate argument. The constabulary resume should be pointed, factual, and authoritative in temper.
Step 4: Ultimateize Constellation of the Ethnical Media Style to the Table of Directors
Finalize constellation of the style, inserting the Constabulary Resume, Table of Contents, and the Section 5 Instructions. Make believing the References listing is aggregated from complete anterior employment. The ultimate References listing should be alpha enjoin, with citations in APA format. The Appendices should be enjoined to fit with the ultimate style. 

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