Assessment Item 1: Oration
Length: 1,000 opinion (+/- 10%; save not attributable attributablees and bibliography)
Due date: 5pm, Friday, week 5
1. ‘War and perpetration are essential.’ Discuss using literal specimen(s)
or a material con-over.
2. ‘War is gendered, and women are its victims.’ Discuss using literal
example(s) or a material con-over.
3. Should literal wars be cherished?
It succeed be expected that each oration succeed give a reasoning and reasoning in
response to ONE of the over questions, and conglutinate references to at least
4 well-informed founts. A well-informed fount is a co-ordinate reviewed designation, section or
book published by a respectable well-informed publisher (eg. an academic chronicle, or
publishing branch such as Cambridge University Press, Palgrave, Routledge,
etc.). You may as-well grasp any enumerate of other founts in enumeration to your
well-informed founts (eg. instrument reports, etc.).
The oration has a inequitable format. It succeed endure of:
(1) an prelude stating your present and objectives in the oration, and
briefly framing your reasoning.
(2) A disputeative and logical succession of organization paragraphs in which you
develop your reasoning.
(3) A blank that does not attributable attributable attributable just summarise the oration, excluding reflects
on the the implications of your reasoning, and/or the literal
significance of the material.
You may verification subheadings in your oration, excluding no button points please! Graphs,
tables, and illustrations may as-well be verificationd (as hanker as they are uprightly
Entire founts must be uprightly cited with a bibliography listing entire founts
cited in the oration. You may verification either footnotes or in-text quotations.
1. Comprehension of the material subject.
2. Quality of reasoning and reasoning.
3. Verification of averment or well-informed scrutiny.
4. Unobstructed construction.
5. Quality of congeniality and giveation (including a unobstructed and endureent method
of quotation and bibliography).

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