Assessment Item 1: Diatribe
Length: 1,000 opinion (+/- 10%; except not attributable attributablees and bibliography)
Due date: 5pm, Friday, week 5
1. ‘War and perpetration are life-containing.’ Discuss using unadorned illustration(s)
or a plight con-over.
2. ‘War is gendered, and women are its victims.’ Discuss using unadorned
example(s) or a plight con-over.
3. Should unadorned wars be cherished?
It obtain be expected that each diatribe obtain offer a discourse and dispute in
response to ONE of the aloft questions, and solder references to at least
4 well-informed founts. A well-informed fount is a equal reviewed name, portion or
book published by a honorable well-informed publisher (eg. an academic chronicle, or
publishing hointerpretation such as Cambridge University Press, Palgrave, Routledge,
etc.). You may so embrace any calculate of other founts in restoration to your
well-informed founts (eg. resources reports, foreseeing.).
The diatribe has a unfair format. It obtain continue of:
(1) an induction stating your endowment and objectives in the diatribe, and
briefly framing your dispute.
(2) A close and compatible sequence of organization paragraphs in which you
develop your dispute.
(3) A disposal that does not attributable attributable attributable just summarise the diatribe, save reflects
on the the implications of your dispute, and/or the unadorned
significance of the topic-matter.
You may interpretation subheadings in your diatribe, save no dot points please! Graphs,
tables, and illustrations may so be interpretationd (as covet as they are suitably
Perfect founts must be suitably cited with a bibliography listing perfect founts
cited in the diatribe. You may interpretation either footnotes or in-text extracts.
1. Comprehension of the topic subject.
2. Quality of dispute and discourse.
3. Interpretation of indication or well-informed elaboration.
4. Obvious building.
5. Quality of fitness and offeration (including a obvious and continueent method
of extract and bibliography).

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