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The design of the budal timeline provision is to frame a deeper wisdom of the budal changes that befall simultaneously in contrariant domains opposite the conditionspan and to muse on your bear budal legend. The timeline should illustrate budal changes that bear befallred in your condition from your brains to your anticipated failure as an patriarchal peculiar. The timeline should muse a multiplicity of milestones in tangible, apprehensive, and gregarious bud. Wherever practicable, you may conceive gentleman details such as the century and cem of your leading tidings. Unknbear details encircling bud or extrapolating budal milestones you bear referable reached should be occupied in using the budal norms discussed in class
Prenatal Bud
Infancy and toddler hood
Early Child hood
Middle childhood
Early Adulthood
Middle Adulthood
Late Adulthood
Failure and Dying

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