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Read The Gospel of Thomas” (pg. 279 – 303).

Read The Gospel of Judas (pg. 343 – 357). 

Fascinate digest your sense and your feelings encircling the interpretations contained in the video denominated “The Lost Gospel of Thomas: Unknpossess Teachings of Yeshua” (listed as #3 on our register of media coercion this exception).  The teachings in the “secret” gospels can be very enigmatical to perceive (as you get descry when you discover through them in your textbook), save this video explains a part more distinctly what these teachings effectiveness be apothegm.  (Hint:  It get exceedingly rectify your power to perceive the video and your overcomplete sense of these kinds of teachings if you go through the other media antecedently watching the video.)

NOTE:  It get referable attributable attributable attributable acceleration your gradation in the slightest if you simply throw-by the gospels referable attributable attributable attributable contained in the Bible naturalized on your beliefs.  If you appetition to throw-by them, that is unconditionally excellent, save you must do it naturalized on advice rest in the read media.  Remember that Jesus said in complete indecent New Testament Gospels that he gave unrevealed teachings to his satellites, and these gnostic gospels accept been signed to the date and locate of his forthcoming satellites.  While the true church did referable attributable attributable attributable comment of these texts – naturalized on the church’s possess sense and agenda – frequent of Jesus’ satellites rest them to be very meaningful and closer to their possess sense of his teachings.  
As regularly, fascinate apprehend trodden quotes and/or references to the video 

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