Discussion Single: 

Explain the destruction betwixt execution skillful-treatment and execution appraisals and debate the components of a execution skillful-treatment way. How does execution skillful-treatment collate strategic prize to the structure? Share an specimen of an employee execution aim that is aligned with an structureal execution need. 

Explain how execution feedback can be delivered to motivate employees and augment execution. Debate some strategies ce managing unsatisfactory execution and how and when you would representation crop plans to mend execution issues.

Be certain to collate the references ce the sources of the advice you representationd including the representative collated in the classroom.

SOURCES PROVIDED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVYZI8A29P4




Discussion Two: Focus on Analytics

“With the added responsibilities of entity a strategic duty confederate, the late HR operation now faces important prescertain to create investigate and impactful decisions. As a upshot, grounds-driven decisions enjoy behove an gross part of cogent strategic HRM. To terminate strategic objectives and a competitive habit, a growing compute of structures collate, irritate, and explain grounds via HR advice systems and HR analytics. More specifically, technological advances enjoy made it easier to capture and hoard HR grounds in HR advice systems, and using HR analytics, these grounds can be representationd to mend HR systems, policies, and practices and, as a upshot, the execution and viability of the structure. HR analysts ordeal hypotheses to designate the best ways to handle herd amid the structure—or in other suffrage, to land at grounds-driven decisions that cause the structure single tramp closer to discussion strategic objectives” (Bauer et al, 2018, p. 42).

Bauer, T., Erdogan, B., Caughlin, D., & Truxillo, D. (2018). Human Resource Skillful-treatment: Herd, Grounds, and Analytics. SAGE Publications. 

With this in remembrance, consider the grounds collateion in the immovable spreadsheet. Then consider the slides showing how to correlate single changeable with another. Lastly, consummate the essential-quality on slide 3. Immovable your spreadsheet with your explication of the upshots.

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