Write a journal throughout the duration of the course about your experiences encountering human rights in your daily life. The format of the journal is up to you—entrees can vary in length, but at a minimum by the end of the semester you should have a min of 10 entries (minimum length of one A4 page per entry, 2 pages for smaller formats). Feel free to also include other brief notes, writing exercises, and study notes in the journal. The goal of the journal is to keep an informal, free form, writing/notes body of work relating to human rights that interests you.
This journal writing assignments will benefit you by enhancing your reflection, facilitating critical thought, expressing feelings, and writing focused arguments.
You can make entries based on news articles you have come across, areas of further exploration of class material, to hearing human rights mentioned in other aspects of their lives (around campus, family, friends, movies, TV, etc.).
Keep your entries in a separate notebook (besides class notes paper). If you prefers typing on an electronic device, you will have to print off entrees and add them to the journal—but ‘old school’ informal writing in a notebook has its advantages (for instance, it can be more of a free flow of thoughts
Entry Format
Journal contains a minimum of 10 entries that are at least 1 A4.
All the entries are supported with additional documents
(artworks, photographs, press articles, academic quotes and study notes, etc.).

Entry Content
Each entry is written on a diverse topic and using a variety of sources.

There is a relatively good level of some engagement with the topics and issues covered in the course.

Expression & Style
Entries genuinely reflect the student’s clear and coherent train of thoughts.

Student’s thoughts and arguments are well connected and thought-provoking.

The entire journal is used as a safe space for free expression

Critical thinking
Each entry clearly demonstrates efforts of critical thinking, meaning there is a reflection on the justification of the student’s own assumptions, beliefs and values.


Journal is free of distracting spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors; absent of fragments, comma splices, and run-ons.

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