Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
Trimester T2 2020
Unit Code HC1082
Unit Title Chaffering
Assessment Type Individual Enactment 1
Assessment Title Individual Enactment 1
Purpose of the
assessment (with ULO
Mapping) 1. Evaluate speculative and skilled experience of Chaffering
2. Analyse chaffering issues and strategies using nucleus chaffering concepts
3. Exercise speculative and skilled experience of Chaffering in the diagnosis of Consequence/s issues and evince an agreement of the of the contrariant chaffering concepts.
Weight 35 % of the whole assessments
Whole Marks 35
Message proviso Whole: 3000 utterance
Due Determination Week 10
Submission Guidelines • Entire effect must be submitted on Blackboard by the due determination parallel with a completed Enactment Cover Page.
• The enactment must be in MS Message cemat, no spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cm margins on entire lewd sides of your page with misexercise minority headings and page collection.
• Allusion beginnings must be cited in the extract of the communication, and inventoryed misapplyly at the purpose in a allusion inventory using Harvard assignencing phraseology.
HC1082 Chaffering Enactment
Enactment Specifications
Undertaking Criteria: There are span compressiveness to this enactment.
Part 1 – Segregation of Mini Plight (must evince agreement of the theories or concepts in the plight and their collisions.
Part 2 – Nice Thinking. Must evince nice thinking skills to eliminate a operative argument and with proped declaration to your clarified consequence and target chaffers.
Details of subordinatetaking requirements:
Part 1:
Mini Plight (video) Segregation of Chaffer Segmentation, tend “Grilled Burger” ad on YouTube and rejoinder 2 questions subordinate.

A. Explain the concept of Chaffer Segmentation and relate at smallest three target chaffers on the “Grilled YouTube video”
B. Explain the concept of “Positioning” and argue inquiry essay congeniality services subordinate “Grilled Burger” positioning management on the video.
Part 2: Plea and Collision of Chaffering amalgamate (4Ps of Chaffering: Consequence, Price, Promotion and Place).
1. Student to selects individual consequence with 2 of inquiry essay congeniality acceleration target customer collocations.
2. Argue how 4Ps of Chaffering Amalgamate can be applied in point collocation clarified and how prize can be created in each of the chaffering amalgamate.
3. Give your apology ce span collocations customers that you clarified ce that consequence.
Note: Must singly need to adopt TWO target chaffers and ONE Consequence to argue plea and collision.
Products Target Chaffer
Burger Middle-age White-Collar Upper-middle rank Seniors (age
individuals (baby-boomers) collocation 65 – 75 years preceding)
Mid-sized caution Sedan University students Millennials (21 and 28)
Holiday Beach Resort Trade people (Epoch Y) Teenage epoch (ages
Accommodation between (13 and 17)
Bath soap Single parents (Age 35 – 48) Epoch Z (ages 28 and 35) between
Running shoes Vegetarians Executives (Epoch X – ages
39 to 59)
The verge of the Enactment
A. This subordinatetaking conciliate assess the student’s power to analyse the chaffering activities of a point organisation, with a nucleus on analysing the target chaffer and buying behaviour ce a point organisation. Students conciliate be required to assign to some pertinent plea from extractbooks and other readings to exhibition their agreement of the plea and exercise in treatment. Afford at smallest individual (1) novel (terminal 12 months), restraintmer copy to image your agreement of the concept.
B. Must defend your argument with pertinent allusions. Must embrace at smallest a restriction of 6 academic and 4 diligence allusions.
Communication Structure (3000 utterance plus or minus 10% of the whole message counts fluctuation singly – allusions are not attributable attributable attributable counted):
Executive segregation (between 150)
Table of fluctuation
Introduction (400 utterance)
Part 1 – Argument (800 utterance)
• SEGMENTATION: Explain the concept of Chaffer Segmentation and relate at smallest three target chaffers on the “Grilled YouTube video”
• POSITIONING: Explain the concept of “Positioning” and argue “Grilled Burger” positioning management on the video.
Part 2 – Argument (1200 utterance)
• Chaffering Amalgamate o Consequence o Price o Promotion o Place
• Target Chaffer
• Distribution channels
• Promotional communications and tools
Conclusion (300 utterance)
Recommendations (150 utterance) – must afford beginning to prop recommendations
Allusion inventory (min. 6 academic beginnings and 4 diligence beginnings). Use improve Harvard assignencing phraseology
Marking criteria
Marking criteria Weighting
Part 1
Nice segregation of the concepts of Chaffer Segmentation and Positioning 4
Demonstrates agreement of the concept’s collisions 4
Supported declaration to defend segregation and explication 3
Sub-whole 15
Part 2
Nice segregation the lewd Ps of chaffering Amalgamate with a clarified consequence ce the clarified Target Chaffers. 8
Demonstrates an agreement of how prize can be created 6
Supported declaration to defend segregation and explication 4
Congeniality Mechanics:
Format, phraseology and indication 2
Sub-whole 20
TOTAL Weight 35%
Assessment Feedback to the Student:

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