Facts Science Practice
Lesson 3
Semester 2, 2019
ICT707 Facts Science Practice Provision 3
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Assessment and Dependence Details
Marks: 40% of the Entirety Assessment ce the Series
Due Conclusion: 11:59pm Friday, Exam Week 1
Propose your provision to Blackboard Lesson 3. Content prosper the dependence instructions in
The provision succeed be remarkable extinguished of a entirety of 100 marks and cems 40% of the entirety
assessment ce the series. ALL provisions succeed be checked ce plagiarism by SafeAssign
regularity granted by Blackboard automatically.
Refer to your Series Extinguishedsequence or the Series Web Site ce a representation of the “Student Misconduct,
Plagiarism and Accompliceship” guidelines.
Recent dependence succeed be penalised according to the regularity in the series extinguishedline. Content referablee
Saturday and Sunday are interjacent in the reckon of days recent.
Requests ce an production to an provision MUST be made to the series coordinator antecedent to
the conclusion of dependence and requests made on the day of dependence or succeedingcited the dependence
conclusion succeed singly be considered in unusual proviso. Provision dependence productions
succeed singly be made using the administrative University guidelines.
ICT707 Facts Science Practice Provision 3
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Provision Lesson
This provision consists of brace deliverables, being:
• One principle toolation (50%). The principle rasp in Jupyter Referableebook cemat and the relevant
facts determined rasps should be incloseed among a folder designated: Lesson 3-Your DesignateStudent_Number, the folder is then to be zipped and uploaded to blackboard.
• A tidings (50%). The tidings must be uploaded as a disunited rasp.
Part I – PySpark origin principle (50%)
Important Referablee: Ce principle plurality, your principle must be self-contained. That is, it should
referable insist-upon other libraries too PySpark environment we own representationd in the toilshops. The
facts rasps are packaged misspendly with your principle rasp.
In this constituent, we scarcity to utilise Python 3 and PySpark to adequate the prospering facts
partition lessons:
1. Exploratory facts partition
2. Recommendation engine
3. Cast
4. Clustering
You scarcity to adopt a factsdetermined from Kaggle (https://www.kaggle.com/datasets) to adequate
these lessons. Remember to enclose the facts determined rasp in you origin principle dependence.
Note: In your referableebook, content representation Heading 1 Markdown cell to disunited each sub lesson.
Lesson I.1: Exploratory facts partition
This sublesson insist-upons you to weigh your factsdetermined by
• effective its enumerate of rows and columns,
• doing the facts cleaning (forfeiture values or duplicated registers) if necessary
• selecting 3 columns, and plan 1 contrive (e.g. cork chart, histogram, boxplot, expectation.) ce each to
summarise it
Lesson I.2: Recommendation engine
This sublesson insist-upons you to tool a recommender regularity on Collaborative filtering
with Alternative Lowest Squares Algorithm. You scarcity to enclose
• Pattern luxuriance and predictions
• Pattern evaluation using MSE
Lesson I.3: Cast
This sublesson insist-upons you to tool a cast regularity with Logistic return with
LogisticRegressionWithLBFGS arrange. You scarcity to enclose
ICT707 Facts Science Practice Provision 3
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• Logistic Return pattern luxuriance
• Pattern evaluation
Lesson I.4: Clustering
This sublesson insist-upons you to tool a clustering regularity with K-means. You scarcity to
• Pattern luxuriance
• Pattern evaluation
Part II –Tidings (50%)
You are insist-upond to transcribe a tidings to expound your drawing and toolation of the machine
tuition compressiveness in your principle, including the prospering topics:
• Induction/summary/explanation to the ML algorithm/concepts
• The tuition determinedtings, such as how to provide luxuriance/testing determined, what are the key
parameters and how you determined them up
• Comments/evaluation ce the patterns learnt
Your tidings should representation the prospering template:
Table of Contents
1.0 Induction
Expound the facts determined you’ve separated, including its origin URL. Demonstrate your
exploratory facts partition in this minority.
2.0 Machine tuition toolation
2.1 Collaborative filtering
2.3 Logistic return
2.4 K-Means
3.0 Conclusion
The marking rubrics are viewable on the blackboard.
Tidings Cemat
Your tidings should be abextinguished 1000 suffrage, referablewithstanding no past than 1500 suffrage.
The tidings MUST be cematted using the prospering guidelines:
• Title Page – Must referable inclose headers, footers, or page enumerateing. Enclose your designate
as the tidings’s originator.
• Header – Tidings title
ICT707 Facts Science Practice Provision 3
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• Footer – your designate and the page enumerate
• Paragraph passage – 12 object Calibri barely sequence spacing
• Headings – Arial in an misspend cast size
• Margins – 2.5cm on every margins
• Page enumerateing
• Induction and restraintwards to representation usual numerals (1, 2, 3, 4) starting at
page 1 from the induction.
• The tidings is to be created as a barely Microsoft Word muniment (rendering 2007 or
later). No other cemat is gratifying and doing so succeed product in the abatement of
Content prosper the conventions elaborate in:
Summers, J. & Smith, B., 2014, Communication Skills Handbook, 4th Ed, Wiley, Australia.
The tidings is to enclose (at lowest 5) misspend phases and these phases should prosper
the Harvard process of referencing. Referablee that ALL phases should be from chronicle catechism,
conference papers, technical papers or a customary responsive in the opportunity. DO NOT representation
Wikipedia as a phase. The representation of absolute phases succeed product in the abatement of
Provision Return and Release of Grades
Provision grades succeed be serviceable on the blackboard in brace weeks succeedingcited the dependence.
Details of marking succeed besides be unreserved via onsequence rubrics on the blackboard.
Where an provision is undergoing study ce everyeged plagiarism or accompliceship the
grade ce the provision and the provision succeed be withheld until the study has
Provision Advice
This provision succeed obtain?} various weeks to adequate and succeed insist-upon a good-natured-natured discernment of
machine tuition and PySpark ce happy tenor. It is compulsory that students obtain?}
heed of the prospering objects in phase to doing this provision:
1. Secure that you palpably apprehend the insist-uponments ce the provision – what must be
done and what are the deliverables.
2. If you do referable apprehend any of the provision insist-uponments – Content ASK your professor.
3. Each date you toil on any phase of the provision reread the provision insist-uponments to
secure that what is insist-upond is palpably silent.
4. We own familiar almost every coding lessons in FactsCamp antecedently. If you own any difficulty,
redoing the practices in FactsCamp is recommended.
ICT707 Facts Science Practice Provision 3
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5. Antecedent to proposeting your principle, you should secure referable singly that it executes as insist-upond, referablewithstanding
besides looks functional. It is expected that you accord to python standards ce naming and
indenting. Every processs should be adequately munimented such that another programmer
examining your principle succeed early comprehend what the principle is doing.
Plagiarism and Accompliceship Advice
1. Every toil must be proposeted through SafeAssign.
2. SafeAssign succeed glean up any similarities among toil onsequence as polite as toil from other
students (in this semester and controlmer)
3. Content gain safe you phase your toil misspendly. If you are using any symbolical from the
internet or any books from the library, you scarcity to centire the toil right. Failure to do so
succeed product in likely cases of Academic Misconduct.
4. Content do referable portion-out your toil with other students. Do referable bestow anyone your rasps to own a
look. SafeAssign succeed glean up accompliceship, referablewithstanding practise in desire the percentages ce Accompliceship may
referable tidings correspondently until every student provisions own been proposeted. Both the individual
copying and the individual providing succeed hypothetically be held pliant.
5. You can propose a drain provision through SafeAssign antecedently making the developed dependence.
End of Provision

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