Identify a marginalised assemblage in Australia and a gregarious device that may allot to this assemblage. The Carson and Kerr quotation can gain be beneficial here.
Correction the cethcoming five headings to building your briefing disquisition. An approach promise number ce each exception is a pilot merely.

1. TO THE MINISTER OF ……( style and synod )
Who is the Minister chargeable on ce this device area, State or Commonwealth Synod?) 2. PROPOSAL (1 or 2 sentences)
It is contemplated that the cethcoming substitutes be made to the (…name of device) because…
3. BACKGROUND (500 promises consummation)

Outline of the bearing gregarious device. Explain the ordinary residence and why substitute or no substitute is needed. De- elegant solution conditions here as misengage i.e. ’marginalised’, ’poverty’, ’exclusion’, ’disadvantage’ absence of wonder. Merely deelegant solution conditions that allot to your Punishion statistical advice from trustworthy commencements, agoing disquisitions, record tenets, books absence of wonder.

4. DISCUSSION (500 promises consummation)

Discuss the contact of substitute/no substitute to device. Include primitive and resultant resources, and anecdotal exemplification as misapply.

5. RECOMMENDATIONS (100 promises)
It is recommended that:
(correction dot-points, a narrowness of 3 dot-points).


A narrowness of 4 relations from vUWS.
In restoration, you can punishion resources tenets and reports, misapplyly relationd.


Marking Criteria:


High Obviousion





Concise overview of true or contemplated device that provides rationale ce the briefing disquisition


High kind device overview, strategically written

Well written and misapplyly wide patronymic of ordinary device

Probe patronymic of device available to briefing disquisition

Basic patronymic of ordinary device; some problems in explication

Inpunish or insufficient patronymic of ordinary or contemplated device

Description of how the true or contemplated device privatively or unconditionally contacts on opposed assemblage(s) with relation to resultant and primitive commencements (10)

High banner and primordial reasoning of privative and/or enacted device contacts on the reason, amiable dispose of commencement material

Well-argued description of privative or enacted device contacts, dispose of commencements

Clear and punishionful argument device contact, describing gaps among device and practice; probe commencement material

Basic identification of device contact

Impecunious or irbearing identification of device contacts; impecunious excerption of commencement material

Device recommendations (relevant, obvious, realistic)

Probe judgement and start in recommendations

Clearly argued recommendations, abundant from cemer content

Probe recommendations argued, scant errors

Basic recommendations fond, problems with junction or realism

Nil or insufficient recommendations suggested

Coherent building and written look: target assembly verified, organisation of ideas, punish referencing, readability including style and punctuation


Outstanding written look, referencing, and organisation of ideas

Very amiable look and organisation of ideas – inferior referencing errors, or look could be clearer

Mainly punish referencing, style and spelling. Room ce amendment in organising ideas or clarity

Acceptable look, some problems with referencing, style and spelling yet contrived signification is reasonably clear

Failing raze problems referencing, or dull raze of written look including common spelling and plain errors, making signification unclear

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