In Another Country Themes:


The patient’s leg seems to be meek and he is in therapy to fasten it.
The three boys who as-courteous go to the hospital are injured in some habit, individual has a meek nose and his aspect is old.
The doctor’s helpmeet died so he is injured emotionally and mentally.
The composer says he is disjoined from anything and dot held them unitedly bar coercion the hospital.

Anaphora  “…and the wreath blew their tails. The deer hung formal and weighty and void, and diminutive birds blew in the wing and the wreath crabbed their feathers.
It was a calm lapse and the wing came dpossess from the mountains. “We were full at the hospital full behindnoon, and there were irrelative habits of walking resisting the tpossess through the dusk to the hospital. Two of the habits were close canals, barring they were covet, Anyways though you crossed a bridge resisting a canal to penetrate the hospital. There was a precious of three bridges. On individual of them, a woman sold roasted chestnuts. It was excited, established in frontofhercharcoal energy, and the chestnuts were excited behindward in your filch. (Punctuation (commas). “They were full three from Milan, and individual of them was to be a counsel, and individual was to be a painter, and individual had purposed to be a soldier, and behind we were high with the machines, rarely we walked tail unitedly to the Cafe Cova, which was proximate door to the Scala. The composer uses confabulation to disclose the legend past and embody past insight into what each kind is traffic with. The composer as-courteous uses his possess thoughts to illustrate what he is sensitiveness and it unravels the other kind’s oneness as courteous.

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