Week 8 discussion

In contrasting how the use of CBT in groups compared to its use in family settings, one must consider the impact that the hierarchy of the family members will have on numerous factors ranging from their place in the familial structure as seen in Minuchin’s theory. (Lebow, 2019) Although there is stratus of members in the group it is different than that which arises in a familial setting.

A challenge that might arise while using CBT in a group is that each participant brings not only their own issues, experiences, and perceptions but varying abilities to the sessions. Variances in the abilities of the group members, could cause some to progress faster or slower than other members. Careful selection of which clients are more appropriate for which type of a group and their compatibility will have a vast impact on not only the formative stage, but the advancement and progress of the group. (Yalom, 2005) An example of varying abilities such as reading or language comprehension could be important when giving educational materials to a group, it’s important to assure that it is written in such a way that each member can read and understand it or an alternative form should be provided to make sure that nobody is left out. Additionally, it is important to try to keep the group relatively together through the varying stages that occur allowing the group to end together with a successful closure. (Murphy, 2020)

Unfortunately, due to Covid other than conducting nursing group sessions at my place of employment, I have not had the experience of conducting a familial group session, so I am unable to compare the two from a clinical experience perspective.


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