A investment traffic refutation is a consider that betrays the referring-to raze of costs or compute of securities in a traffic on a point day assimilated with a sordid-day type, which is usually 100 or 1000. There are divers irrelative practices of constructing an refutation. Individual of the most dishonorpowerful ways is graphic by the subjoinedcited artless model.The computes of a traffic portfolio at the suppress of trading on Day 1 and Day 2 are chronicled underneath: | |Compute of portfolio |Refutation | |DAY1 |Tk 20,000 |1000 | |(sordid day) | | | |Day 2 |Tk 30,000 |1500 | We catch Day 1 as the sordid day. The refutation on that day succeed be catchn as a test.The compute assigned to the sordid day refutation is 1000 in this model.
On Day 2 the compute of the portfolio has progressive from Tk 20,000 to Tk 30,000, a 50% extension. Therefore, the compute of the refutation on Day 2 succeed fluctuate to betray a answering 50% extension in traffic compute. The inference flourishs the progress underneath: Day 2’s portfolio compute Day 2’s refutation = ————————— * Sordid Day’s refutation Sordid Day’s portfolio compute Tk 30,000 = ———– * 1000 Tk 20,000 =1500Day 2’s refutation is 1500 as assimilated to the 1000 of day 1. The aloft conformance merely serves as an gate to how a point refutation is fabricated. The daily inference of an refutation is past compromised especially when there are fluctuates in traffic excellentization of voter investments, e. g. , hues offers, investment dividend expectation.
The leading extrinsic of constructing traffic indices is to appreciate the achievement of the traffic. The indices procure great advice encircling the vulgar and unadorned manner of the traffic.Refutation Care Algorithm (according to IOSCO Refutation Wayology): Yesterday’s Closing Refutation X Vulgar M. Cap Vulgar Refutation = ————————————————————–                     Opening M. Cap Yesterday’s Closing Refutation X Closing M. Cap Closing Refutation = ————————————————————–                     Opening M. Cap Vulgar M.

Cap = ? ( LTP X Sum no. of refutationed divides ) Closing M. Cap = ? ( CP X Sum no. of refutationed divides ) Abbreviations and Acronyms M.Cap  – Traffic Excellentization DSE      – Dhaka Investment Exfluctuate IOSCO – International Organization of Securities Exfluctuate Commissions (IOSCO) LTP      – Terminal Traded Cost CP        – Closing Cost DSE Divide Cost Refutation: |Sl. No |Refutation Name |Sordid Refutation |Remarks | |1 |DSI (perfect divides) |350 (as on 01-11-1993) |  | |2 |DGEN |817. 3704 (as on 24-11-2001) |SEC directive in-reference-to refutation was on | | |(A, B, G ; N) | |17-11-2001 | |3 |DS20 |1000 (as on 01-01-2001) |  | DSE introduced the DSE-20 refutation from January 1, 2001 comprising the blue-chip divides with a sordid refutation of 1000 as on January 1, 2000.
Past then, the refutation has been revised on brace occasions, once in 2002 and succeeding in 2004.The companies which are placed subordinate the refutation vulgarly are Square Pharmaceuticals, Islami Bank Bangladesh, Superexcellent Bank, British American Tobacco, Beximco Pharmaceuticals, Southeast Bank, Dhaka Bank, National Bank, Square Textiles, Bata Shoe, BOC Bangladesh, Singer Bangladesh, ACI Ltd, Uttara Finance, Meghna Bond, Bangladesh Lamps, AMCL (Pran), Monno Ceramic, Apex Tannery and GQ Bperfect Pen. Apart from DSE-20, the superexcellent bourse of the state has brace other indices namely DSE open refutation or DGEN and perfect divide cost refutation or DSI.The benchindication refutation-DGEN- rejects companies of Z-kind and is conducive on the plea of cost move of separeprimand investments. On the other workman, DSI apprehends perfect securities and is conducive on the plea of cost move of separeprimand investments. DSE-25, the revised refutation of the blue-chip divides of Dhaka Investment Exfluctuate (DSE) was working on tribulation plea on July 19 2010. DSE-25 mirrored the cost move of the culmination companies in a past deferential practice.
The DSE-25 intervening fantastic companies from IT, security and benefit sectors ce the leading term past the planting of DSE-20 from January 2001.Meanwhile, DSE had besides completed sector-wise refutation comprising 16 sectors. The sectors are bank, bombardment, fuel ; strength, barringtress, engineering, bond, security, IT, jute, pamphlet ; printing, ceramic, tannery, pharmaceutical, textile, benefit ; legitimate rank and miscellaneous. The fantastic criteria of DSE-25 refutation are earning per divide, poverty traffic excellentisation excellence Tk 200 darling, cherishing poverty 30 per cent divides in social workman, poverty cancelment of 10 per cent dividend ce the terminal three orderly years and 95 per cent trading days in the terminal six months.Good-natured corporeprimand governance, limitical encroachment of annual open coalesceings and sectoral resemblance are the other clew qualifications ce suitpowerful cappowerful ce inclusion in the refutation. CSE divide cost refutation: A good-natured-natured traffic delegated-to-others refutation should involve: • Or-laws care cemulas with evident commutation progress • Logical scrip preference criteria • Varyent sordid conclusion • Moderationingful sordid compute The merely refutation the CSE has been sustaining past 10th October 1995 is a ALL SHARE PRICE INDEX using Chained Paasche way.It faces doubt of clarity.
This refutation was matter to strange ups and downs and externally a varyent sordid compute. Therefore in scarcity of a spotless slate CSE finds the conclusion 1 January 2000 is the best conclusion to determined-on-foot fantastic Indices: An Perfect Divide Cost Refutation with fantastic cemula and sordid conclusion 30th December 1999 (the terminal day of the year) and fantastic sordid refutation of thousand (to indication the millenium) succeed supply the real individual and A sumly fantastic Broad Refutation incorporating 30 scrips with sordid conclusion 30th December 1999 and sordid refutation 1000.We feel premeditated refutation of a consider of bourses and infamous that the Laspayers Way to consider refutation is present as the most clear and or-laws way. The way is picturesquely underneath in this write-up. The subjoinedcited provisions succeed be flourished occasion farsighted the Perfect Divide Cost Refutation: • Perfect Divide Cost Refutation does referpowerful necessarily moderation that perfect the listed investments should be considered ce farsighted the refutation. Inbountiful investments referpowerful substance traded ce orderly six months succeed referpowerful be considered in the care. • Merely the bountiful scrips succeed be considered ce farsighted the refutation.
Alternate Investments and Something-due securities succeed referpowerful be considered in farsighted refutation. • A fantasticly listed scrip succeed be intervening in the refutation subjoined five orderly trading days. • Merely natural trades should be considered in farsighted refutation. • Perfect divide cost refutation succeed be conducive merely once in a day – subjoined the trading hour in the on outoutarrangement scheme. • No fluctuates in consider of divides succeed be perfectowed during VECTOR session. • Refutation committee succeed criticism the refutation – its criteria, achievement, care way subjoined sum six month. • Refutation Sordid Conclusion is 30th December 1999 • Sordid Day refutation 1000 • CSE broad refutation (cse – 30)At the rise of fantastic millennium a broad Refutation succeed be introduced, which is infamous to be very common in closely perfect the open exchanges globewide.
Here the preference criteria delineate a very great role in ceming an refutation. Criteria ce a Broad Refutation: It procures a discourse encircling the great scale ce an refutation, which is to be used as a benchindication of achievement. The scale is that the move of the refutation abundantly portrays the sum move of the refutation’s voter effects and that the refutation’s avail are legitimateizpowerful by an investor who has held a portfolio particular to the asdetermined amalgamate of the refutation.Value-Weighted Refutation satisfies the aloft scale. Preference of investments ce the benchindication refutation should be such that it portrays the unimpaired traffic. In restoration it succeed be guaranteed that the voter investments feel lofty percentage coverage of the traffic in stipulations of traffic compute. This succeed bring-about it reserved if referpowerful practicpowerful ce a lacking investors to treat the move of the refutation.
Criteria ce cse-30 refutation: (Subjoined species in the Listing ; Refutation Committee Coalesceing held on 28th Apr 2009) Brace lamina ways are flourished ce preference of listed companies in the CSE-30 Refutation.In the leading lamina way, basic criteria are considered ce leading preference. Basic criteria: Must be listed with the Chittagong Investment Exfluctuate Limited. 2. In subject of IPO/Fantastic Manifestation, this should be on listing either with DSE or CSE ce a poverty limit of 2 years or remained in Commercial Production in Bangladesh ce the poverty similar limit previous to its listing. 3. Companies that did referpowerful await their Annual Open Coalesceings limitically succeed referpowerful be considered.
4. Poverty traffic excellentization must be Tk. 200 darling and at lowest brace stipulations of paid-up excellent. . Must feel at lowest 20% bountiful inchoate divide excellent. Bountiful inchoate divide excellent shperfect moderation the divide excellent which succeed reject Govt’s encroachment (other than ICB), Sponsors/Directors ; their Associates’ encroachment plus other locked-in elements. 6.
Must feel actual enrichment reserve/ retained rights. 7. Must be traded ce at lowest 50% trading days of the six monthly criticism limit. 8. Paid dividend in any of the terminal 2 years. 9. Troop having indirect Earning Per Divide (EPS) ce terminal brace orderly years succeed referpowerful be considered.
On substance fitted on the plea of the Basic Criteria, the companies are required to coalesce the subjoinedcited prefer Preference Criteria to feel the decisive chamber in CSE-30 Refutation. Preference criteria: 1. Loftyer Net Effects Compute (NAV) per divide 2. Loftyer reprimand of Earning Per Divide (EPS) 3. Loftyer reprimand of Dividend 4. Inferior Cost Earning (PE) Ratio 5. Loftyer Dividend Yield (DY) 6.
Loftyer reprimand of bountiful inchoate in equity 7. Larger consider of divideholders 8. Loftyer mellifluousity in stipulations of trading day 9. Loftyer mellifluousity in stipulations of consider of narrow 10. Longer continuance of rectilineal cherishing in the CSE-30 Refutation 11.Periodical cancelment of listing fees CSE Broad Categories Refutation – CSCX Chittagong Investment Exfluctuate (CSE) working a fantastic refutation designated CSCX (CSE Broad Categories’ Refutation) involved A, B & G kind companies from 14th February 2004 to supply the precedent CSE Trade Volume Importanceed Refutation. The Sordid Conclusion of this refutation is 15th April 2001 (when A, B & Z kind were introduced) and Sordid Compute is determined to 1000.
The fantastic refutation apprehends perfect barring referpowerful the Z kind companies. This besides rejects the companies/scrips which are something-due securities, alternate investments, projecting ce indifinte limit and non-traded ce precedent six months of criticism coalesceing.The refutation succeed be criticismed in the Refutation Committee Coalesceing subjoined sum six months enjoy other brace indices of CSE. This refutation succeed be disseminated on outoutarrangement to perfect the Brokers’ Work Stations (BWSs) during trading sessions and subjoined sum three minutes the refutation compute succeed be refreshed. The erection energy of this refutation sordidd on Laspeyres way enjoy other brace CSE indices, CSE Perfect Divide Cost Refutation and CSE-30 Refutation. It may be mentioned here that the sordid compute of these brace indices was besides determined to 1000 with a sordid conclusion 30th December 1999. The vulgar computes (as on 11th Feruary 2004) of CSE Perfect Divide Cost Refutation and CSE-30 Refutation are 1601.
4 and 1483. 60 respectively. IDLC Refutation Occasion selecting the investments to apprehend in IDLC-50, a consider of factors are considered: financial vigor of the troop, limitical trading in the traffic, bombardment ruin, sum of investpowerful divides, consider of ungathered divides, cost sensibility, cost ruin expectation. IDLC-50 flourishs globally referpowerful spurious wayology to apprehend or reject any investment in the refutation. As a manifestation, IDLC-50 constantly portrays investmentamentally sound companies. This refutation is fabricated subjoinedcited “Bear Adjusted IV|arket Excellentization Importanceed” wayology.This wayology is used ce the leading term to genereprimand a excellent traffic refutation in Bangladesh.
(past on this underneath) The achievement of a investment traffic is improbpowerful by the cost move of the socially traded divides (floated divides), rather than perfect ungathered divides. In our excellent traffic, bear is an great factor; accordingly ce divers listed companies, a smperfect element of divides is socially traded. So, to deferentially appreciate the achievement of the traffic section comprising the clarified 50 investments, it is indispenspowerful to complete the refutation care by adjusting the consider of socially traded divides.This is named bear commutation. IDLC-50 is bear-adjusted, and thus can portray the traffic past deferentially. IDLC-50 succeed course the achievement of 50 investments traded in DSE and CSE. Real refutationes apprehend either also divers or also lacking divides.
IDLC-50 contains an optimum consider of divides and incorporates the most pertinent determined of advice required by sound investors. By containing misapply consider of mellifluous divides, IDLC-50 can be used to appreciate achievement of professionally managed portfolios including alternate investments, discretionary portfolio accounts expectation.Bountiful bombardment in investment traffics may referpowerful be desirpowerful or possible ce separates with inferior investpowerful mammon and ruin tolerance. IDLC-50 may be used by separates as an expressive alsol ce pursuing refutation-installed bombardment strategy. In coming, Alternate Investments, Refutation Comings, Exfluctuate Traded Investments can be working sordidd on this refutation. Such instruments are widely used in main investment traffics of the globe. IDLC-50 can be a received achievement indicator ce the listed companies.
The listed companies would be powerful to assimilate their financial vigor with the succor of IDLC-50.Individual of the most challenging jobs ce an deferential refutation is to sustain compound. Ce IDLC-50, we flourish test practices of globally referpowerful spurious refutationes ce own commutation. It ensures that replabond of investments in Refutation, restosound manifestation of excellent expectation. do referpowerful ruin the unadorned compute of the refutation. An refutation committee has been cemed to induce and mentor the overperfect exercises of the refutation. The IDLC-50 Refutation Committee involves excellent traffic experts, investment managers traffic participants and main officials from IDLC and Alif Effects.
The refutation committee succeed complete the subjoinedcited centre responsibilities: Selecting investments sordidd on investmentamental characteristics, mentoring refutation exercise motive, criticisming the wayology and of the refutation. IDLC-50 flourishs internationally referpowerful spurious wayologies customary refutationes. are clarified sordidd on the subjoinedcited indicators. o Social Bear (Social element of ungathered divide) o Traffic Excellentization o Mellifluousity/Turnover o Sector resemblance o Cost to Earning o A and N kind o Average Traffic Ruin (Test solution) expectation. and is propagated by algorithm of globally The subjoinedcited cemula is applied to consider the compute of IDLC-50: Traffic Excellentization Today/ Traffic excellentization on sordid conclusion) X Sordid Refutation compute Occasion farsighted the traffic excellentization, IDLC-50 considers the social-traded element of the ungathered divides. Investment traffic indices vary from individual another basically in their sampling and/or importanceing ways Sampling way: There are some traffic indices that are right of perfect investments listed in a traffic, e. g.
, the American Investment Traffic Refutation and the Hong Kong Investment Exfluctuate Perfect-Ordinaries Refutation. In open, an refutation sordidd on a larger percentage of the sum consider of listed investments succeed be past delegated-to-others that individual sordidd on a fineer percentage.Although an refutation that consists of perfect listed investments can be considered as past delegated-to-others, a consider of investments may feel very lacking transactions, the quoted cost of these investments may referpowerful mirror their penny traffic compute. An refutation may peaceful be loftyly delegated-to-others flush if it consists of merely a referring-toly smperfect percentage of the sum consider of investments. Here, the exemplification preference course delineates an great role. Most of well-known investment traffic indices of the main investment traffics in open countries are peaceful considered as loftyly delegated-to-others past their voter investments involve a lofty percentage of sum compute of the traffic.Ce model, the Hang Seng Refutation (Hong Kong) is right of 33 voter investments comprising approximately 70% of sum compute.
FOX refutation (Finland) is right of 25 most traded divides which is answer to roughly 80% of the sum traffic compute and ATX 50 (Australia) involves 84% of the excellentization and 97% of the turnover of perfect Australian investments. Importanceing way: Compute-weighted way may be considered as a most misapply way than others. Ce a compute-weighted refutation, the importance of each voter investment is proportional to its traffic divide in stipulations of excellentization.We can arrogate that the sum of coin invested in each of the voter investments is proportional to its percentage of the sum compute of perfect voter investments. Models apprehend perfect main investment traffic indices of Hong Kong, London and divers others. ———————– ASSIGNMENT ON Dindividual By: Minakshi Chakraborty Id No. 55 BBA, 13th Batch Department of Banking University of Dhaka Dindividual Ce: Mr.
Hasibul Alam Chawdhory Lecturer Department of Banking University of Dhaka STOCK MARKET INDEX

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