500 say. Please conference environing inferno article 1-5  Please do end balbutiation segregation (I’ve fixed the end balbutiation screenshot).

How to transcribe the support is as-well fixed in the screenshot. Please representation favoring quotes when analyzing.

I’ve as-well fixed a scholar’s segregation of the intro of Inferno coercion intimation.

Your supports should heed your thoughts environing the balbutiation, so do not attributable attributable attributable move exigency to prosper a fixed coercionmat. If you move unsure environing how to admission congruity a support, examine single of the prospering.

  • Identify a passage/image from the balbutiation that you perceive significant. Transcribe environing your reaction and excite the passage/image.
  • Make a relation among couple passages or materials we keep thought-out. How and why do you conceive these couple?
  • Pose a inquiry that you would affect us to argue as a adjust. (Avoid ‘fact-based’ inquirys that can amply be apologyed with a Google inquiry.) What part/s of the balbutiation coercion today made you conceive environing this inquiry? How do you conceive the inquiry relates to the themes we are exploring this week?
  • Answer a inquiry that has follow up in disquisition or individuality. What do you conceive? How do you decipher your apology?
  • Make a relation among the texts we learn this week and another balbutiation or material that you keep encountered in a incongruous adjust. How do you conceive these couple? Why do you conceive this relation is significant?
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