Write a 2 page article on “What is Information Warfare (INFOWAR)?” Begin with a explicitly stated topic (the purpose you nonproduction to ascertain) in your entrance and right the substantiality of your article to frame your reasoning. Rationally elevate your condition, accidental to the quittance, which should be harmonious with your topic do referable begin novel representative in the quittance.

Page (1) In your admit tone, specify and relate INFOWAR naturalized on diplomacy, personnel, equipment, elements, tools, and targets or other traits that severed INFOWAR from a usual browbeating. Specify INFOWAR and relate the elements of INFOWAR (using TC 7-100.2, passage 7)  

Page (2) Include couple real-world examples of INFOWAR rightd in a soldierly combat.

Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) or Turabian
Article must be comrade reviewed, Required sources (three restriction) including TC 7-100.2, passage 7 INFORMATION WARFARE .
Article Must be in Erratic Control
Page Numbers: Bottom of page, centered

Article canreferable be further than 2 pages and must be in erratic control.

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