inheritance – heredity – hemophilia

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N.T. is a healthy 38-year-old woman married to a healthy 40 year old man. Their first child is a boy with hemophilia. Their second child is a girl who is normal. Their Youngest is another boy, again with hemophilia. N.T. had a maternal uncle who had died in childhood from hemophilia and a brother who had bleeding problems as a child but was resolved during his adolescence. Process Questions 1. Is there an obvious pattern in the cases of hemophilia presented in the given situation? 2. Is there any irregularity in the inheritance of hemophilia in N.T.’s family? Why or why not? 3. If N.T. and her husband will have a fourth child, will the child suffer from hemophilia? Why do you say so? 4. What do you think are the factors that influence how traits are inherited