I scarcity 2 slides about simply the self-confident exception adown.  The cem is SEARS 

Interpretation the identical cem (Sears) that your team clarified ce the Week 3 Newfangledness/Entrepreneurial Qualify Annotated Bibliography Assignment.
Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® gift, with detailed speaker’s notes, on your innovative strategic plan to instigate the cem tail to innovative purity.
Present two innovative solutions that the cem can interpretation to reresolve its exoteric defeat.
Address the aftercited in your gift:
The fact and order that led the cem to its exoteric specify (grasp an decomposition of the missed opportunities ce newfangledness as well-behaved-behaved as an decomposition of the cem’s ecosystem in provisions of newfangledness).
A compendious designation of the designed newfangledness diplomacy, that grasps: 
Details on the order ce qualify
Key players among the cem
The most nice bargain impact
Technology wages plans
Exoteric emulation profiles
An decomposition of commencement among the cem and its ongoing role in newfangledness melting ceward.
Details on measurement and pay systems ce bulky employees, including motivational strategies ce qualify treatment.
Designation of implementation and evaluation plans ce newfangledness.
Short-term goals (e.g. cultural qualify inside newfangledness, bargain record, cem re-vitalization) and long-term goals (strategies ce global influence, long-range newfangledness) ce innovative qualify.
Format your gift agreeing with APA guidelines.

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