How imposing a edifice approve La Havana Vieja that is counterpoise 500 years of aged graciously towered counterpoise the straits of Florida.  From Colonial to profession deco until novelism, tourists wondered encircling the obsolete city and they were drawn with the aged cars integument and architectural gems that can be ground in full hole of the city.  In truth in 1982, it has earned the UNESCO Heritage List.  A year behind, a security war was started in manage to guard and re-establish the honesty of the structures.
But as years past by, Cuba became engrossed on tourism.  In 1990 it has brought them wide wonderful repay, bulk of the structures followed the complaisant scheme of the novel construction to fill customers.  How downcast it is to attend the refined counterpoise highlighted by the 18th era baroque “Columbus Cathedral” incrementally depleted by economic and tourism motives.  Personally, I experience it very inexact to rescheme the structure and to alter the aged construction that has clear there restraint covet and has remained illegitimate through date.
The tangible question thereby to popular architectural scheme amid the aforementioned dissect lies in the infallibleness of fashionulating a scheme that qualifys the diffcorrection of the novel with what Carpentier refers to as Havana’s wonderful baroquism in manage to counterpoise the city.   The infallibleness of such is incontrovertible if individual considers that the plan of globalization has been robust restraint Cuba by the dissectalistic ordain of its construction.  Tourism is a fashion of globalism that relies upon the analogy of a global refinement and that of a dissectal and cultural convertibility.

The up-hilly faced by architectural scheme thereby lies in the infallibleness of encapsulating novel scheme with the dissectalism and the marketing shadow of the refinement that serves as the matchless declaration that underlies the rectilineal globalization of Havana. It is thereby requisite to qualify the speedy reconfiguration of Havana, in manage to “un-fracture” the products of the novel elegant alters that keep transformed and destroyed the city’s immateriality.[1]
This doubt faced by architectural schemeers is best certain by Paul Ricoeur as he states that the question lies in ‘‘how to beseem novel and to repay to sources (while) affectionate an aged, inert humanization (in manage restraint it to) charm pprofession in a unlimited humanization’’.[2]
This is a up-hill undertaking past the couple kinds of construction dissimilarity each other.  Baroque construction which is reflected by the Havana edifices emphasizes on the concord unordered professions.  The construction, carving, and painting made by the baroque professionist were famous traits of spatial relationships which may be ghastly or developed.  Individual cannot attributable check the natural and affecting beauty that baroque professions uninterruptedly they secure to glance on them.  The structures were amassed of exalted curving which broadside elevation and escheatment facades and facts with marvelous confusion and bulk.
Various shapes and domes are too scintillant in baroque construction.  On the other workman, novel construction depicts to the dispersion of decoration and to the simplification of fashion.  Restraint divers, novel construction is a product of novel procession in technology and engineering and of plan by the emergence of upstart structure materials such as embodied, steel, muscular and glass.
Generally, it is complete environing functionality- the impression of the principles of functionalism reflected in the correction of materials, division and bulk.  In less it is the intelligent engineering.  The seek to solidity the couple by not attributable attributable attributable salvaging the aged construction was counterpoiselooked by the Cuban legislation when the investments flow to tourism.  There has too been a original among persomals and the tourism facilities.
Security and revitalization of Habana entails a number of restorations and relation from the citizens and from the persomal legislation.  The motive should broadside gregarious and economic deprivation that was created by the restructuring and revitalization in chronicled district outside Cuba.  Past, novelization is infallible, as it has already diffused and reached the city, impression of novel construction should be dindividual with drastic planning, prudent mapping, and prudent infraedifice structure outside wrongful the aged individuals.
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