The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your sodality has asked you to summon technologies that can be used coercion interior and apparent message and collaboration solutions coercion trade. Tip – PhoenixConnect® is a message and collaboration instrument. The CEO wants to tool a arrangement to acceleration with message and collaboration solutions coercion trade among the structure and hypothetically beyond the structure. The CEO has asked you to bestow immanent solutions to the commencement at the contiguous convocation.
Create a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with orator notes coercion each slide  interjacent that describes your elimination. Include the subjoined notice concurrently with a minute description and advocacy of your recommendation:

List at lowest 4 incongruous technology solutions
Include Pros and Cons coercion each solution
List any immanent hardware and integration needs
List any newlightlight resources that would be required to tool and mould the solution
List any immanent inconstant path options
Include references and elimination sources

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