Courseeffort Mean
Module name: Interdiplomatic High Referable attributable attributableeets
Module code: MSIN0084

Academic year: 2019/2020
Vocable 1, 2 or 3: Vocable 2
Regularity of rate – biased or group: INDIVIDUAL effort
Content of this lineeffort Mean
Exception Content
A Core instruction
B Lineeffort mean and requirements
C Module letters extinguishedcomes prepared in this
D Rate of this linework
E Groupeffort instructions (if convenient)
F Added instruction from module pioneer (if
Exception A: Core instruction
This rate is
marked extinguished of
100 referable attributable attributablees
% weighting of this
rate unarranged
whole module referable attributable attributablee
Account count/page
length -­‐ culmination
2500 vote. You may transcribe subordinately short if you endeavor negative no
Footnotes, appendices,
tables, figures,
diagrams, charts
interjacent in/excluded
from account count
Table of divergency, relations and appendices are surrounding.
Footnotes are interjacent.
relation lists interjacent
in/surrounding from account
Mentioned aloft.
Penalty regulate exceeding
account count/page
Yes – 10-­‐percentage points abatement, capped at 50% regulate
Level 7. Relate to Academic Manual Exception 3: Module
Rate -­‐ 3.13 Account Counts.
Academic misconduct
(including plagiarism)
Academic Misconduct is defined as any action or attempted
action that may development in a scholar obtaining an unfair
academic custom. Relate to Academic Manual Exception 9:
Scholar Academic Misconduct Procedure -­‐ 9.2 Definitions.
Inferiority end 27th of April
Inferiority date 10:00am UK date
Penalty regulate late
Yes. Relate to Academic Manual Exception 3: Module
Rate -­‐ 3.12 Lineeffort Deadlines & Late Inferioritys.
Submitting your
The enactment MUST be submitted to the module
inferiority combine located unarranged this module’s Moodle
‘Submissions’ tab by the positive deadline.
Anonymity of unity The regularity of this rate is unauthenticated.
Render and foothold of
marked enactments
At the ending this accomplish be unarranged 4 weeks from the end
of inferiority negative we accomplish endeavour to render it earlier
than this.
Assessments are topic to inclose referable attributable attributableeing/scrutiny,
and inside power inadvertence by a nominated
School of Skillful-treatment inside associate. Whole developments
when highest published are contingent until confirmed
by the alienate Palpable Examiner and the
Examination Board.
No appeals in-reference-to your published referable attributable attributablee are
profitable until succeeding consent by that Examination
Exception B: Lineeffort Mean and Requirements
Be Healthy Inc. is a manufacturer and retailer of extinguisheddoors drapery. The superior skillful-treatment team is
seeking to dilate the assembly and has been regarding a stroll of palpable sources of financing
to investment the dilution. The primary financial official (CFO) has verified three undeveloped investmentraising
options regulate financing a contemplated flying enlargement temporization.
Please pertruth the predicament careabundantly including whole exhibits. This is a fictional assembly and whole its profitable
instruction and basis is interjacent in this predicament. You may act referable attributable attributableeet inquiry on macroeconomic
conditions such as regulateecasted attention rates, inflation rates, a undeveloped recession/economic boom
or everything that could application your financing decisions in the medium to hanker vocable.
You are strongly applauded to organise your thoughts precedently you set-quenched counter-argumenting the
questions. Be peculiar and referable attributable attributableional negative cem believing you relation any basis that comes from
published sources.
In direct to prepare referable attributable attributableeing, it is expedient that you counter-argument the scrutinys in the direct craveed
indicating which scrutiny you are counter-argumenting at whole dates.
Good luck!
Be Healthy Inc. is a manufacturer and retailer of extinguisheddoors drapery. The assembly targets high-­‐end
customers accomplishing to unyielding a recompense regulate its products. The assembly was founded in 2000 and since
then has conversant flying enlargement athwart the Eastern Coast of the United States. The superior
skillful-treatment team is visitking to dilate the assembly and has been regarding a stroll of palpable
sources of financing to investment the dilution.
Donald J., primary financial official (CFO) of Be Healthy Inc. has verified three undeveloped investmentraising
options regulate financing a contemplated flying enlargement temporization. Donald has craveed regulate your acceleration in
performing a 360-­‐degree separation with a object to applaud single biased financing theory (extinguished of
the three verified) to investment the dilution.
The three palpable financing options are (1) a away placed default manifestation, (2) a individual importation of
preferred divides and (3) an judicious vulgar subsidy (IPO) of equity. To relieve you in doing this, financial
figures and other basis and instruction are interjacent unarranged the predicament scenario granted to you.
You are portio of the financial team led by Donald J, primary financial official (CFO) of Be Healthy Inc.
1. Naturalized on the assembly financial statements establish and evident-up how the assembly finances
operations. In so doing establish and dilate on the assembly’s popular high construction.
[3 referable attributable attributablees]
2. Establish and evident-up the biased characteristics conjointly with financing-­‐cognate customs
and disadvantages (pros and cons) of i) settled divides, ii) preferred divides and iii) associations.
[9 referable attributable attributablees; 3 referable attributable attributablees regulate each sub-­‐part]
3. Compare and contrariety EACH of the three undeveloped financing options using the coercionthcoming
criteria. Please pertruth the added instrument granted in the line effort folder with
guidance on what each of the criteria media. The truth of tables is applauded to counter-argument
the divergent sub-­‐parts of this scrutiny:
a) Hues profitable to vulgar divideholders
b) Camanifestation to the fixed
c) Operating regulate by material divideholders
d) Financial flexibility of the fixed
e) Alienate referable attributable attributableeet timing
[30 referable attributable attributablees; 10 referable attributable attributablees regulate each financing choice; 2 referable attributable attributablees regulate each sub-­‐part]
4. Regulate each of the three financing choices:
a. Compute the entangle whole, which would be exorbitant.
b. Computed the expected divideholder render through hues per divide (EPS)
[9 referable attributable attributablees; 3 referable attributable attributablees regulate sub-­‐portio a. + 6 referable attributable attributablees regulate sub-­‐portio b]
5. Evident-up what covenants are and how they would like the decisions to be made by Be
Healthy Inc.
[6 referable attributable attributablees]
6. Prepare a compendium mean to the assembly CFO including your applaudation naturalized on
your counter-arguments to scrutinys 1 to 5 (recommended 250/300 vote).
[18 referable attributable attributablees]
7. The CFO is visitking to elevate an added $100 favorite in innovating high in 2020 beneath the
popular economic office moderate from a global pandemic. Regulate this scrutiny, reflect that
the assembly is calm?} individual and has a default to high proportion of 50%. Too regulate this scrutiny,
assume that the assembly has been growing steadily at 10% pa.
Prepare a compendium mean to the assembly CFO applauding a hanker-­‐vocable financial
instrument that could acceleration the fixed finance raise dilution into Asian referable attributable attributableeets
(recommended 250/300 vote).
To counter-argument this scrutiny, reflect default and/or equity choices (which could be vulgar
or preferred divides, associations, hanker-­‐vocable loans unarranged others), include undeveloped financing
costs, and their customs and disadvantages.
Regulate in, if you run to go regulate a association manifestation, you would crave-restraint to compute the association
yield to ripeness (YTM) naturalized on today’s referable attributable attributableeet rates in US$ and the assembly spread
naturalized on your arrogance on municipal cause. Assuming that the countenance appraise is $1,000, your
coupon would be the corresponding as your YTM. You could veer the arrogances and volunteer the
association beneath par to extension crave-restraint if you endeavor negative the YTM accomplish veer.
If you run to go regulate equity, do your inquiry on what an alienate multiple to compensation the
shares would be minute regulate choice companies that had been listed of-late. You
could regulate your compensation down naturalized on your assembly extent. You don’t bear the assembly
financials regulate 2020 and hence you are referable attributable attributable attributable required to grasp a fund compensation through
multiples of DCF (discounted currency flows) negative you would crave-restraint to evident-up what multiples do
you reflect alienate regulate this biased assembly (regulate in 10x EBITDA).
[20 referable attributable attributablees]
This rate includes 7 scrutinys that push a whole of 95 referable attributable attributablees extinguished of a feasible 100 (thus,
95%). A culmination of five (5) referable attributable attributablees extinguished of a feasible 100 (thus, 5%) are undevelopedly profitable regulate
“presentability”. This includes abundantly adequate relateencing negative too involves your virtue in
communicating influence points in a evident, argumentative, newfangled and presently beneathstandable style.
As an in, these are some cognate scrutinys that may initiate in the minds of
• Is the instrument an ‘easy peruse’-­‐ with influence points evidently beneathstandable, careabundantly aligned,
linked and evident-uped? Or, instead, is the referable attributable attributableeer-­‐evaluation regulateced to labor to examine to
unravel rarely involved and vaguely-­‐expressed points?
• Does the scholar elude topicive idea negative in poor instances, such as when
assessing competing skilled arguments (and uniform then, that intellect is separation and
strictly fact-­‐based)?
• Does the inferiority dramatize a strong rendering of exact findings from important
• Is relateencing abundantly adequate, and harmonious with the instructions in this rate?
Exception C: Module Letters Extinguishedcomes prepared in this Enactment
This enactment contributes towards the good-fortune of the coercionthcoming symmetrical module
Letters Extinguishedcomes as highlighted beneath:
1. Establish and portray the main financial actors in high referable attributable attributableeets, e.g. empire
and municipal manifestationrs, banking intermediaries, and institutional investors, e.g.
pension investments and insurers
2. Beneathstand the motivations and incentives that influence the behaviour of financial actors
and their interaction.
3. Beneathstand the interdiplomatic referable attributable attributableeet environment that brings financial actors conjointly to
exveer high.
4. Establish and portray the financial instruments, e.g. funds, associations, and derivatives, truthd
by financial actors that exveer high to produce renders and direct cause.
5. Beneathstand the proportionnale that beneathpins empire interposition in the referable attributable attributableeets to
influence and regulate financial actors’ behaviour and interactions with each other.
6. Beneathstand how principle and acquiescence can carry to unintended consequences and
leave the financial referable attributable attributableeets unprotected to financial crises.
Exception D: Rate of this Linework
Unarranged each exception of this lineeffort you may be assessed on the coercionthcoming aspects, as convenient
and alienate to this portioicular rate, and should thus reflect these aspects when fulfilling
the requirements of each exception:
• The strengths and power of your overwhole separation and evaluation;
• Alienate truth of alienate hypothetical models, concepts and frameworks;
• The proportionnale and appearance that you arrange in buttress of your arguments;
• The credibility and viability of the appearanced conclusions/recommendations/plans of
action you put regulateward;
• Construction and continuity of your reflectations and reports;
• The ratification of any calculations;
• Alienate and alienate truth of, as and where alienate and alienate, veritable world
examples, academic materials and relationd sources. Any relations should truth either
the Harvard OR Vancouver relateencing plan (visit Relations, Citations and Eludeing
You are advised to relate to the UCL Rate Criteria Influencelines, located at
Exception E: Group Instructions (If convenient)
This is an INDIVIDUAL effort rate.
Exception F: Added Instruction from Module Pioneer
I am known that the basis/vulgar instruction you accomplish bearing is poor absorbed that you may referable attributable attributable attributable bear
bearing to veritable basis vocableinals (Thomson Reuters) regulate your inquiry, this is why whole the basis you crave-for
to unfold the predicament is absorbed to you in this rate or abundantly bearingible via pursuit engines (google,
Please truth the Scrutiny & Counter-argument Regulateum in Moodle to crave scrutinys abextinguished this biased

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