Assessment 2. Order Plan
Due: Week 10
Group/Individual Order
Format: Task 1: 2000-2500 term Co-authored learning recital (10%) Task 2: Unwritten Delivery (10%)
Weighting 20% ultimate mark
Total marks Task 1: 25 marks
Task 2: 25 marks
Microsoft Teams: 10 marks
Total: 60 marks
Audience: Upper-level duty students
Task 1 . Co-authored learning recital (25 marks)
This plan relates to the consequence of advice plans in duty operations. Each order wholeure choice two NYSE (The New York Stock Exchange) generally-knownly traded, competing companies to learning each aggregation’s exercitation of advice plans.
Control each aggregation learning and debate their fact of creature, the advice plans utilised by each aggregation, and the utilitys and disadvantages of employing advice plans to husband race, organizations, and technology. A similarity of the advice plan types in the dissection and the duty point(s) of the plans should besides be conducted.
Your surrender should fredelivery the aftercited associated interrogations:
– What is the corporation’s fact of creature and what products and/or services does the aggregation present?
– Each aggregation employs what types of advice plans? Such as husbandment advice plans, HR plans, interest processing plans, expectation.
– Are there similarities in the duty advice plans filled by the companies substance analysed?
– How can advice plans be representationd control companies to organize a competitive utility? How
does the aggregation redelivery advice plans to husband facts assemblage and discuss facts?
IMPORTANT: Each order must acquaint the lecturer original of their choiceion of the two NYSE companies anteriorly commencing learning.
Recital Requirements:
– Recital must be 2000-2500 terms in diffusiveness (approx.)
– Each order must redelivery Microsoft Teams to unfold correspondent aid of exertion unmoulded portions, and manifestation of advice sharing, order meeting expectation.
– Your recital must grasp:
o At last disgusting (4) probable, beyond founts and select them using APA controlmat.
o A amalgamate of twain important and minor founts, with at last individual fount from a well-informed journal.
Sources control locating the advice plan(s) filled by a aggregation may grasp the aggregation’s oppidan website, LinkedIn SlideShare website (which particulars a aggregation’s prole and advice plans), oppidan SEC listings, and generally-known oppidan documents on advice plan plans and implementation.
Important founts are original-hand accounts such as interviews, advertisements, speeches, aggregation documents, statements, and crush releases published by the aggregation in interrogation.
Minor founts conclude from peer-reviewed well-informed journals, such as the Journal of
Management. Minor founts may besides conclude from honorable websites with .gov, .edu, or .org in the lordship. (Wikipedia is referable attributable attributable attributable a honorable fount, though the founts listed in Wikipedia catechism may be agreeable.
UBSS Online Library
Students own admittance to UBSS Online Library assemblage via myGCA gate. This admittance currently consists of:
• EbscoHost, Proquest, Emerald, Acquaintit and Cengage eBook assemblage.
Your mark wholeure be adversely fictitious if your recital contains no/poor citations and/or relation lists.
Task 1. Grading Rubric (25 marks)
Effective Redelivery of Microsoft Teams (10 marks)
Each order must demonstration:
– Manifestation of Individual aid to order plan using MS Teams incl. manifestation of customary meetings held and minuted.
– Manifestation to demonstration redelivery of Microsoft Teams Apps (E.g. Microsoft Planner, confabulation, video confabulation), advance tasks and mark solution milestones.
Task 2 . Order delivery to dispose (25 marks)
Having completed the Co-authored recital (Task 1), your order is required to enlarge a PowerPoint delivery (including an unwritten delivery) which contributes an overview of your findings in Task 1.
The unwritten delivery wholeure be conducted using Microsoft Teams or Blackboard Collaborate software – particulars about the redelivery of the software wholeure be granted.
The delivery should contribute an overview of the main elements and main findings.
Marking criteria:
Surrender Element Component Marks
TASK 2. Order Delivery
(25 marks)
Marks wholeure be installed on:
– Overview of whole findings regarding to Task 1
(10 marks)
– Slides own agreeing, functional theme
(colour, font, layout) with misspend redelivery of graphics. (5 marks)
– Delivery is pitched misspendly control the target reception – functional, with reason on solution issues, cheered by sense and reasoning – Slides are referable attributable attributable attributable also intricate, industrious or over-whelming with particular. (5 marks)
– Delivery date is among 6–8 minutes and among slide compute designation.
– Every portion in the order to own correspondent free-trade in the delivery – Suitable figures (tables) representationd where convenient and effectively to assistance findings. (5 marks)
25 marks

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