Introduction to Business Assignment

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Creating a BusinessInstructions During this course, you will create a Business Plan. Each week, you will address questions relevant to the week’s topics.You are an entrepreneur, and this week, you will determine what type of business you would like to open. After you decide, address the following:Provide an explanation of what type of business you plan to open. What will the name of the business? What services and/or products will you provide? Also, why do you want to open such a business?Consider the nature of the business and competition. Do you think your business will do well in your area? Why?Either number your answers or use a separate paragraph for each.Do not copy word for word from the textbook or any websites you visit. Should you conduct outside research, include the URL addresses of the websites at the bottom of your document.Submit your assignment as an attached Word document in the dropbox by the last day of the academic week. Select “Week 1 Assignment Business Plan” from the basket dropdown menu in the dropbox. Be sure to check for spelling/grammar before submitting.This assignment is worth 100 points.Business Plan Assignment Grading Rubric Refer to the following grading criteria when writing your response to the assignment questions. Select the PDF icon to download the grading criteria.