Reflection Paper #2 This is a 2-page double spaced paper in times new roman 12 point font following APA formatting. If you want you have to share takes more than 2 pages, that’s fine. This week you read Chapter 7 on Managing Conflict. Complete the Survey on Conflict Resolution Styles (pages 151 -153). After reviewing your avoidance, accommodation, confrontation, compromise, and collaboration scores, answer the following questions: 1. Is it more difficult dealing with conflict in a virtual team or face-to-face team? Why? 2. What is your preferred conflict resolution style? 3. Have you had to implement this style within your team yet? 4. How well do you deal with team members that use a different style of conflict resolution than your preferred style? 5. How could you change your behavioral response within the team to become even more collaborative when faced with conflict?

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