IT133-5: Analyze appropriate software application(s) to address solutions within a specific discipline. You will need to download the following document from Course Resources> Course Documents and save the file for this Assignment: I have attached the two documents listed below. APA_Data_File.docx APA_Text_File APA Style Formatting Scenario: You are working for a publishing company and your job is to ensure articles are formatted in the APA style. Your boss has given you your first article and you decided to use the Reference tool in Word 2016. Follow these steps: 1. Download the APA Data File and the Text File to complete steps 2-16. 2. Add a heading to the other pages formatted properly in APA style formatting. 3. Add a page header/running head to the title page. 4. Add a title to the title page. The title should be “The click-through generation.” 5. Add the following to the Title Page: the student name (first name and last name), and university (institutional affiliation) 6. Add an abstract of at least 50 – 100 words describing the content of the article. 7. On the “References” ribbon, ensure APA is set as the style for this article. 8. From the “References” ribbon add the following three sources. Source: Journal Article Author: J. Jopling Title: Understanding Generations Journal Name: Extension Service Year: 2004 Pages: 36-41 Source: Journal Article Author: M. Prensky Title: Digital Natives Digital Immigrants Journal Name: On the Horizon Year: 2001 Pages: 12-16 Source: Journal Article Author: J. Grudin Title: True Digital Natives Journal Name: Interactions Year: 2014 Pages: 1 – 1 9. 9. Place a comma and n.d after Toffler in the quote at the top of the document. Enclose the name Alvin Toffler, n.d in brackets 9 (b) Insert the Text File after the phrase “my whole life’ in the third paragraph. Click on the Insert tab > text group > click on the drop down arrow for Object Choose text from file > insert the text file 10. Ensure that APA formatting is used throughout the document. Change the text to Times New Roman, 12 pt. font and the paragraph is double spaced. Insert an in-text citation at the end of the inserted text using Grudin. 11. Insert an in-text citation at the end of the second sentence in the second paragraph using Jopling. 11 (b).Insert an in-text citation at the end of the second paragraph using Jopling 12. Insert an in-text citation in the third paragraph after the quoted sentence using Prensky. 13. Insert a citation at the end of the indented quote after the fourth paragraph using Prensky. 14. Create a Page Break after the last paragraph in the document. Click on Page Layout > Page Set Up > click on the drop down Breaks arrow > choose Page Break 15. From the “References” ribbon select Bibliography, choose the built in bibliography option. Insert the bibliography on the last page of the document (hint: the bibliography has to be on a separate last page). 16. Change the word “Bibliography” to “References” ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~