ITECH1400 Fixations of Programming
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Biorhythms: Doctrine & Practice
In this ordinance you succeed collect a Python script which succeed number the Biorhythms coercion any identical and introduce the facts graphically using libraries and a spiritless algorithm.
Timelines and Coercionebodeations
Percentage Value of Undertaking: 20%
Due: Friday Sept 27, 2019 @ 17:00 (week 11)
Minimum age coercionebodeation: 20 hours
Culture Outcomes Assessed
The subjoined round culture outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment:
K1. Identify and truth the empurpose syntax of a spiritless programming articulation.
K2. Reccomplete and truth regular programming constructs to scheme and tool ultimate software answers.
K3. Reproduce and attune spiritlessly truthd basic algorithms.
K4. Interpret the signification of programming name concepts (documentation, mnemonic names, crowd)
S2. Transcribe and tool a answer algorithm using basic programming constructs.
S3. Interpret debugging and testing skills whilst despatches mode.
A1. Lay-open dependence and judgement in attuneing algorithms to divers contexts.
A2. Scheme and transcribe program answers to attested wholes using legitimate scheme constructs.
Assessment Details
Doctrine Biorhythms were familiar by Wilhelm Fließ, a adjutant of Sigmund Freud, in the 19th epoch and were very general in the 1970s (Troutman, 1978); opposing criticisms they are quiet truthd today in fields such as toil security to sports execution (Arab, Omidvari, & Nasiripour, 2014; Habibi, Mohammadi, Ghanbary Sartang, & Zeinodini, 2016; Zareian, Rabbani, & Saeedi, 2014).
The doctrine underlying Biorhythms proposes that, from nobility, three cycles: natural, tender and psychical interest our execution. Understanding these cycles can succor to optimise our implicit.
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Although there are divers relateences adapted, the brochure by Troutman (1978) has been resolute as an coming computer contact.
(Sppurpose a short age looking at the mode at the purpose of this brochure. Consider complete the GO TO statements in the mode and how it interests readability. Would this mode be unconstrained to alter? Debug? Compare this with the fashion we transcribe mode today – relate to the 3 structures dedicated by Boehm and Jacopini in the inferitional embodied in week 1.)
Your deep undertaking is to lay-open a Python contact that can flaunt Biorhythms coercion any special dedicated their opportunity of nobility and the target opportunity. You should be efficient to collect the Biorhythms coercion a suitefficient unfurl encircling the target opportunity as polite-mannered-mannered.
Two algorithms to state the day of any opportunity bear been collectd – you are to tool single of these in a business which you ccomplete in your mode to infer the day of the week to your graph remark. (
Using a scant restraintesightfully chosen opportunitys, interpret that your day of the week business toils emendly. (Here we don’t truth a Python library business coercion this so that you government reform acknowledge libraries.)
The ultimate extent is to everyot the Biorhythm mode that you bear tooled. There are divers fashions to do this, coercion specimen:
Choose a favourite sports special – Roger Federer or Serena Succeediams coercion specimen. How were their Biorhythms in their ultimate tennis competition? Did they propitiate? If belongable what were their adversary’s Biorhythms relish?
Capture a renhold – a renowned originator – Clark Gefficient or Marilyn Monroe. Clark Gefficient had a kernel invasion on November 5, 1960 and died shortly following. What were his Biorhythms relish encircling this age?
Figure 1 Biorhythm chart balance the principal 66-day age following nobility (following Wiki)
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Biorhythms declare that we are at our peak when complete three curves are at their consummation. How frequently could we coercionebode to experiment this in our lifetimes? 10, 50 or 100 ages or over? Alter your mode to state this.
Argue your hold ideas with your lecturer or governor.
A tidings is to be submitted in this ordinance. There is a argument exception in the tidings in which you can everyot plod 6 in the six-plod whole solving regularity and supplicate the four questions frequently truthd in evaluating a answer.
Over details on academic tidingss are adapted – gladden relate to this link:
There are three expressive cleverness
1. General Guide to Despatches and Study Skills
This exception describes the gratified of a tidings – relate to page 34 – Abstract, Tefficient of Gratifieds, Introduction, Conclusion and so on.
2. General Guide to Relateencing
APA relateencing name is picturesquely in this exception – PurposeNote is as-well-mannered adapted to students
3. Ordinance Layout and Appearance Guidelines
This exception describes how the tidings should appear: lip sizes, fonts, how diagrams and tables are introduceed and so on.
While you are encouraged to learning and argue your toil with adjutants, the definite result must be complete your hold toil. (Screen shots of a debugger government be truthful in interpreting how your mode toils.)
Any succor must be referable attributable attributableorious as polite-mannered-mannered-mannered as any device embodied.
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You must accoutre your program beginning mode smooths and your documentation as a single zip smooth designated as follows:
You may accoutre your signal regularityed documentation in either Microsoft Signal or LibreOffice/OpenOffice coercionmats solely – no proprietary Mac favoring coercionmats, gladden.
Assignments succeed be conspicuous on the basis of occurrence of the requirements and the nature of the toil.
In inferition to the marking criteria, marks may be deducted coercion want to resign with the ordinance requirements, including (except belongable poor to):
• Incomplete toolation(s), and
• Incomplete submissions (e.g. missing smooths), and
• Poor spelling and phraseology.
You government be supplicateed to interpret and interpret your toil.
Marking Criteria/Rubric
Title of Biorhythms – in your hold signals – telling cleverness of the three curves including their sympathy to single another
Title of Biorhythms as sine and cosine curves – including the signification of exhibition and exuberance e.g. nice days
Pseudomode coercion the vigilance of Biorhythms
Graphical flaunt with telling cleverness of the curves labelled
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Graphical Flaunt
Remark of the curves with day and opportunity using the algorithm collectd or suitefficient algorithm – title of the algorithm in your hold signals. Do belongable truth library business.
Demonstration that empurpose day/opportunity remark is tooled in mode
Practical contact of your Biorhythm mode. Argue you identical avenue with your lecturer/tutor.
Feedback succeed be collectd in lectures and labs as polite-mannered-mannered-mannered as on Moodle
Plagiarism is the introduceation of the explicit fancy or toil of another special as though it is single’s hold extraneously truly acknowledging that special. You must belongable completeow other students to observation your toil and must capture restraintesight to security athwart this happening. Over notification about the plagiarism management and act coercion the university can be fix at
Arab, F., Omidvari, M., & Nasiripour, A. A. (2014). Investigating of the result of Biorhythm on toil-related Accidents Journal of Health and Security at Toil, 4(2), 51-58.
Habibi, E., Mohammadi, Z., Ghanbary Sartang, A., & Zeinodini, M. (2016). Investigation Result of Biorhythm on Toil-Related Accidents in the Metal Industry (A Short Tidings). Iranian Journal of Health, Security and Environment, 3(3), 583-586.
Troutman, J. G. (1978). Biorhythms: A Computer Program. The Two-Year College Mathematics Journal, 9(2), 101-103. doi:10.2307/3026611
Zareian, E., Rabbani, V., & Saeedi, F. (2014). The Result of Natural Biorhythm Cycle on Some Natural Fitness Factors of Adolescent Volleybcomplete Players (Vol. 2).

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