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ITECH5403 – Enactment 1 – Speech Artfulness Diatribe
Due Date: 11:55pm, Friday of Week 7
This enactment procure cupel your recognition of programming speech artfulness signs, and is desert 20% of your
non-invigilated (fashion A) tokens control this series.
Matter Overview
Since the fruit of Plankalkül tail in the 1940s, a spacious calculate of programming speechs entertain been
designed and implemented – each control its hold unfair bearing lordships and made with its hold firm of artfulness
decisions and compromises. Control pattern, there are speechs which:
 Are strongly fashiond and incongruously fashiond,
 Provide savetress control goal orientation / perquisite of facts fashions,
 Correction static or dynamic scoping rules,
 Provide fame treatment (i.e. garbage store) or recognize the developer fine-grained control
over heap-alresiduum and recycling,
 Provide closures to recognize functions to be passed encircling enjoy variables,
 Recognize facile advent to decorate slices and those which do referable attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual attributable,
 Perform inside atonement checking of facts and/or try/catch qualification handling and those
which do referable attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual attributable,
 Provide separate and broad suites of built-in functionality and those with a over scant firm
of signs,
 Correction pre-processors and macros to selectively amplify or depute spring adjudication, anticipation.
Each of these determinations can entertain a intimate pi on the verification of a programming speech in stipulations of
factors such as its urge, able-bodiedness and unconcealed suitability to beget programs of a sure fashion, such as control
operating systems, or in the areas of concern, philosophical inference, unnatural publication or video games.
The matter of your diatribe is to artfulness a programming speech control the bearing lordship of:
Inconstant Applications
Inconstant application fruit is a unfair subfirm of criterion application fruit which must be verificationable
to manage a spacious difference of incongruous drudgerys. So a programming speech correspondent control this must be verificationserviceeffectual to do
things enjoy:
– Entertain broad savetress control correctionr interfaces (i.e. GUIs),
– Be verificationserviceeffectual to effect in an fruitful, smootht-driven kind,
School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology
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– Be verificationserviceeffectual to intention real-world bearings using habit facts fashions (i.e. savetress perquisite),
– Provide the ability to bestow and admit facts to/from servers or other projects,
– Recognize control the correction of productive multimedia capabilities to enserviceeffectual sound/video playtail and recognize video games
to be begetd (smooth if sound via libraries),
– Be very fruitful to minimise battery custom on these inconstant projects,
– Anticipation.
It’s desert thinking environing the bearings of a inconstant project oriented programming speech in stipulations of a calculate
of signs, including:
 Performance;
 Facts fashions and structures;
 Maintenance / Reliability of adjudication; and
 Security requirements.
With this in belief your drudgery is to theoretically artfulness a speech correspondent control the correction among the inconstant
applications lordship.
The explicit implementation of the speech and machine firm is explicitly beyond the token of this series, save you
must direct and soundify the artfulness determinations aend your programming speech in stipulations of:
 The signs and functionality that procure recognize your speech to be correspondent and correctionful among the bearing
lordship (including what incongruousiates it from solid speechs),
 The programming paradigms, such as procedural, goal oriented, logic and functional programming.
You are clear to artfulness your speech to be either interpreted, compiled or to effect in a mixed kind, save you
must in-one soundify your determination. Full speech artfulness choices must be real, probable determinations which
are tailed up by able-bodied argument of the matter area.
In individualization, your muniment should embrace bulky references to tail up any and full unfair claims
that you mould. Full references should be made in the APA referencing call.
Your diatribe should NOT be environing the Java programming speech, or the C++ programming speech – or
any programming speech that currently exists. Your diatribe must be on the programming speech THAT
YOU DESIGN in stipulations of the signs the speech should entertain and the choices you mould environing what
functionality, facts fashions, compilation/interpretation, qualification handling anticipation. that you flow should be embraced
in the speech to mould it correspondent control the unfair bearing lordship.
School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology
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Submission and Tokening Process
Your diatribe should be among 3,000 and 4,000 vote additive and may hold diagrams or images as
you descry befit. Full diagrams, charts, images or other extraneously begetd materials incorporated into your diatribe
must be appropriately referenced.
You must contribute your completed diatribe in Microsoft Word DOCX controlmat ONLY.
Assignments procure be referableiceable on the rootation of equalt of the requirements and the kind of the effect.
In individualization to the tokening criteria, tokens may be deducted control want to render with the enactment
requirements, including (save referable attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual scant to):
 Incomplete speech sign coverage,
 Incomplete submissions (e.g. privation matter areas – descry the tokening regulate),
 Poor spelling and title, and
 Incorrect supply to the APA referencing call.
Submit your muniment to the Enactment 1 Upload residuum on Moodle precedently the deadline on Friday of week
When you upload your enactment, it procure be checked by the “Turn-it-In” plagiarism conflict verification – this
means that the resigned of your muniment procure be compared to millions of other muniments to descry if any quotation in
those muniments matches the quotation in your muniment. Turn-it-In can discover these matches smooth if you entertain
made re-phrasing changes to some bearings of the quotation.
If you call muniments right, then this is a good-natured-natured fiction – you are balbutiation, culture and providing correct
accreditation to the first authors of the effect that you call.
If you DO NOT call instances of where you entertain charmed the effect of others, then this is plagiarism and procure be
dealt with subordinate the university’s plagiarism prudence. The university takes plagiarism very seriously – you can
read over environing what is and is referable attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual attributserviceeffectual considered plagiarism here:
And the university’s functional plagiarism prudence can be root here:
The token arrangement control this enactment is extinguishedlined in the granted tokening equivocation on the aftercited page.
Please correction these tokening criteria as the headings in your muniment, (with the qualification of
“References and APA referencing call” and “Spelling and title”) so you understand that you demand to
cover each and perfect bearing that is nature referableiceable.
School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology
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ITECH5403 – Comparative Programming Speechs
Enactment 1 – Speech Artfulness Diatribe
Student Call: Student ID:
Requirement Weight Token
– Providing your programming speech with a correspondent call. 1
– Introduction and description of speech resolve. 10
– Choice and soundification of interpretation/compilation arrangement(s) to be correctiond. 9
– Argument of fame treatment and scoping signs. 10
– Unfairation and probablee control senior speech signs in stipulations of:
– Simplicity,
– Orthogonality,
– Facts fashions,
– Syntax artfulness,
– Savetress control perquisite,
– Directivity,
– Fashion checking
– Qualification handling, and
– Restricted aliasing.
[5 tokens
per part]
– Argument of the readability, writability and reliability of the speech based
on the speech characteristics as selected.

– References and APA referencing call.

– Spelling and title.

Enactment token total
/ 100
Contribution to ace token (extinguished of 20%) %

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