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James Alexander Teit (15 April 1864 — 30 October 1922) was an anthropologist, photographer and direct who thought-extinguished Interior Salish First Nations peoples in the delayed 19th and future 20th centuries. He married a First Nations woman from the Thompson River area and lived amongst her extraction. He published a assemblage of stories in 1898.

You obtain be lection through this assemblage entitled “Traditions of the Thompson River Indians of British Columbia” then responding to it established on what you own literary in this minority. Start by skimming through the capacity ce ten or fifteen minutes. Be undoubtful to procure a import of what is written in the gate then discover a scant of the stories to procure a import of them.

You obtain then transcribe a confutation in which you exculpation the subjoined:

In what import are the stories in this assemblage in-effect the stories of the Thompson River Indians and in what import are they not attributable attributable?

Consider the subjoined ideas in-reference-to verbal literary-works in BC First Nations as ripe in this minority:

storyteller has a identical fashion of expressive that procures the consideration of the listeners
knows when and where undoubtful stories can be told
brings aim to the conference
recognizes the conference and adjusts the recital accordingly
performs the recital – uses gestures, may rejoice, dance or hollow a mask
makes undoubtful that the conference is listening
Your confutation obtain concede that Teit’s assemblage is a printed extract written in English. You are lection it further than a century delayedr, wholly extinguished of the conextract in which the stories were originally familiar.


1. Short gate which sets up your subject, references the gate to Teit’s capacity, and presents a topic (the exculpation to the doubt presented to you overhead).

2. Main association of undivided to three paragraphs in which you:

reference at smallest three stories in the assemblage
clfuture allot the ideas in this minority to this recital assemblage
lend foundation to your topic
3. Short misrecord in which you recover your main points.

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