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Race and Ethnic Relations SOC-350

Journal 6: Race/Ethnicity in Education and Family

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We explore race and ethnicity in education and the family. Our objectives this week are to:

Recall historical racial battles over education for Native Americans and African Americans;

Determine how social capital, cultural capital, and stereotype threat reproduce inequalities in education;

Assess whiteness in the American educational system;

Dissect the history of the family recognizing how the institution has changed since colonialism and slavery;

Examine the history of the “one-drop rule” and its impact on interracial relationships; and

Recall statistics and sociological explanations for trends in interracial marriage and divorce in the United States.

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Disc. 6

Individual and sociological explanations for select family issues


Briefly describe a news story regarding a current family issue (provide link). Do they use individual explanations or sociological/historical explanations to explain the issue?

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