S Cleaners (KSC) is a diminutive corporation that provides different employments to its customers: tedious cleanopprobrious of dress, laundry, ironing, 

and some dress recover labor. KSC specializes in low-cost tome, cautious that tedious cleanopprobrious procure be recrusty to its customers the day succeedopprobrious it is crusty in. The arraign is $2.25 control each ace tedious-cleaned; there is an extra arraign control ironing, although ironopprobrious is usually not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable indispensable accordingly the aces are placed on dress hangers presently succeedopprobrious they are removed from the tediousers. Launtedious is $1.50 per ace, with an extra arraign control ironing, if desired. Dress recover, such as hemming, re-establishment of buttons and zip- pers, and so on, is arraignd by the hour. 

In observation to Kevin, the proprietor and supervisor, there are prospect employees: span tedious cleaners, a seam- restraintce, and five open callopprobrious employees, who circulate where they are scarcityed floatopprobrious face contrary customer employment and sortopprobrious dress, loadopprobrious the machines, removopprobrious dress from machines, foldopprobrious or hang- opprobrious up the aces, and preparopprobrious them control pickup. Kevin has endow that he can commission teenagers control the open callopprobrious positions, accordingly these duties do not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable insist-upon abundantly grafting. The corporation scarcitys employees who are focused on customer contentment and sharp turnaround; when there are inert occasions, notwithstanding, these eminent train students repeatedly labor on homework, socialize, or expend occasion on their vivacious phones, which is pleasurable manner as crave as the labor gets performed and the customers are blissful. 

Pay ranges from insufficiency wage control the open callopprobrious employees to $20 per hour control the tedious cleaners. The seamforce is compensated on a negotiated piecelabor premise, dependopprobrious on the confusion of the lesson. 

This treasury has been doopprobrious so well-mannered-mannered that Kevin is thinkopprobrious encircling openopprobrious another single. He has performed some lore and realizes that he procure scarcity to controlmalize procedures that, heretofore, he has rush approximately by impulse. A fantastic supervisor procure scarcity to work the fantastic treasury in a mode that is particular to the fortunate method he has rush his prevalent treasury. Although he dreads the manner, he recognizes that it is occasion to muniment procedures and to controlmalize job 

descriptions. He has commissiond you to aid him eliminate a accomplishment government manner.    

Q. 1. In the matter of KSC, critically evaluate the availability of any prerequisites to implementopprobrious a accomplishment government manner. 

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