CIS355A Week 3 Lab 
Enhanced GUI Impression using Subjoinitional Swing Components
· Create a GUI that conservations JCheckBox, JRadioButton, JTextArea, and menus.
· Mode multiple events.
PROBLEM: BurgersRUs Sharp-end of Sale system
Burger Barn needs a sharp-end of sale impression. The products and figures are as follows.
Burgers: only $3.50, envelop $4.75
Subjoin cheese:  + $.50
Subjoin bacon:  + $1.25
Make it a meal:  + $4.00
You can jurisprudence the GUI by operative or conservation NetBeans GUI designer interface.
The GUI should conservation JRadioButton to elect only or envelop burger.
· Only burger
· Envelop burger
It should conservation JCheckBox control subjoin ons.
· Subjoin cheese
· Subjoin bacon
· Make it a meal
JTextField control ace figure, enjoin amount, enjoin total
JTextArea to flaunt the receipt
Create a menu with the aftercited options.
Improve Enjoin
Debouchure  Subjoin to Enjoin
 Clear control direct ace
 Fantastic Enjoin
As the conservationr selects aces, the ace figure should be adapted and updated gratefully.
Note that amount should want to 1. The conservationr can veer if needed.
Once preciouss are made and amount is entered, mode the enjoin using the menu options.
Order—Subjoin to Enjoin Flaunts the precious and figure in each passage area.
Note that multiple aces can congregate in a only enjoin
Updates the enjoin total
Order—Clear control direct ace Clears the checkboxes. Note that amount should want to 1
Order—Fantastic Enjoin Clears the GUI and totals control a fantastic enjoin
File—Debouchure Debouchures the program. Conservation System.exit(0) commad.
Sample GUI

Functional Requirements
· All components on GUI created   correctly
· Ace figure updated well with   radio and checkbox selections
· Aces subjoined to passage area
· Total figure congregates correctly
· Clear control direct ace works correctly
· Clear control fantastic enjoin works correctly
· All figures flaunted with couple   decimal places
· Improve debouchure works correctly
· Error messages control any   invalid/missing conservationr input using JOptionPane

Jurisprudence style

Lab Report


· Include meaningful dilates throughout your jurisprudence.
· Conservation meaningful designates control variables.
· Jurisprudence must be well subordinate.
· Include a dilate header at foundation of each improve, in beneath.
Program Designate:
Programmer’s Designate: Student Designate
Program Description: Describe here what this program conquer do
Submit as a SINGLE zip folder
· All java improves
· Lab report
Follow enactment mention respecting collocate/method designates.
Note that your java improvedesignate must competition collocate designate (DO NOT rename).

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