1)  You are to create your own VI that takes as an input the number of coins a person has and calculates the total amount of money. Controls should be created for the number of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. An indicator should be created for the total amount of money. The program should run continuously using a while loop and calculate the total amount of money as the control values are adjusted. Please call the total amount of money indicator TOTAL.

2)  In addition, your VI should have an additional control that can be set by an end user. This control should also be located inside the while loop. Call this control COMPARISON VALUE. The value set using this control should be compared to TOTAL. If COMPARISON VALUE is less than TOTAL, a green LED light should come on. If COMPARISON VALUE is more than TOTAL, that same green LED light should turn off.

3)  The loop should run at approximately 2Hz so make sure to insert a time delay.

4)  After the loop exits, use a local variable to set the value of the output TOTAL back to zero.

5) Take a screen shot of your front panel and block diagram and include these as properly formatted figures in the appendix of your memo 

6) memo needs to be done


Subject: Make sure to provide a descriptive one line phrase for the subject. The subject for this assignment should list what the conversion chosen is and what assignment this was for. Remember, a subject line allows the reader to “file” the contents properly.

Opening: You developed a VI for counting coins and totaling the amount of money so in the opening you want to explain what the VI does. Also give an example of a conversion by giving a value and a result that if entered would produce a particular TOTAL value if the program was run.

Middle: Provide enumerated points for this section. Give at least 3 supporting details about your result

Closing: Remember this is not a summary! You should ask for follow-up action. This can be as simple as asking for feedback but it must be an “ask”.

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