1. Read Introduction to Fluxus Workbook and read Fluxus scores in the workbook.

2. Choose 3 – 5 scores that you like. Long or short. (Bring these on Thursday.)

3. Choose one or two to copy and paste into this Discussion space. (1 point)

4. Talk about how your scores are composed and who composed them.                                                                   

  • For instance, “Artist, title, date,  5 lines….” (1 point)

5. Talk about how you might see your scores performed. With instruments? props? people? Other?

  • How would your idea begin and end? (2 points)

6. Respond to a peer about their work. (1 point)

Required Readings:

Bruce Altschuler, “Art by Instruction and the Pre-History of do it,” in do it. New York: Independent Curators Incorporated. 1997. 

John Cage, About Indeterminacy (Links to an external site.) (articles)

John Cage, The Future of Music (manifesto)

The Fluxus Workbook.


John Cage official website. –  (Links to an external site.)Please download the Prepared Piano app

Please download the 4’33” app. Here. (Links to an external site.)

Art & Engineering: The Legacy of Billy Kluver and E.A.T. – Link

John Cage-Water Walk, performed by Katelyn King  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vdFesRSfuk&feature=youtu.be


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