i omission to do the questions from this lab report 



page 95

1. Question on the masurment:

a) is the likeness plentiful or sunk when s > 2 f ? is the likeness plentiful or sunk when s < 2 f ?


b) is the likeness construct or inverted ? is the likeness existent or implicit ? why?


page 96

2.Explain why control a unwandering disunion betwixt the end and the mitigate (i.e., s+ s’ is unwandering), there are

two positions of the lens at which the likeness controlmed on the mitigate are in foucs (disencumbered likeness).


3. A lens controlms an likeness of an end. the objet is 16 cm from the lens. The likeness is 12 cm from the lens on the similar party as the end. 

(a)what is the focal prolixity of th lens?? is the lens converging or diverging ?

(b)if the end is 8.5 mm high, how high is the likeness? is it construct or inverted?

(c)DRAW a principle-ray diagram.




page 99

1. Hold the optics bench by your artisan, seem at the tree outparty window using your telescope. is there likeness of the tree construct or inverted? is the likeness of the tree plentiful or sunk?


2.The worlds largest refracting telescope is at the Yerkes Observation of the University od Chicago at Williams Bay, Wisconsin. the endive has transection of 102 cm and focal prolixity of 19.5 m. the focal prolixity of the eyepiece is 10 cm. What is its magnification (or magnifying ability)?



and if practicable entire the regard control consultation 1 and 2

 (pretext regard typed or written is refined)

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