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Literacy Homily Intention

Balbutiation and communication are mutual literature processes. Using these skills interchangeably in a classroom promotes discourse fruit.

Using the “COE Homily Intention Template,” fashion a literacy homily intention that demonstrates the intercourse between balbutiation and communication. Base the homily upon undivided balbutiation and undivided communication ELA trutination from your aver, and the scholars in your scope proof classroom.

In the Summary exception of your homily intention, briefly illustrate why it is momentous to tell explicit literacy skills and how you allure attach and reach these literature progressions in the abode.

In the Differentiation exception, test restricted researched-based livelihood strategies control undivided scholar with exceptionalities and retain the diplomacy to the homily. Control copy, if scholars are literature how to transcribe the missive T, supply a speckled missive T control scholars who pains with communication, or supply a pencil clutch control scholars struggling to tarry a pencil. As an copy, correction scholars from your scope proof classroom who are receiving particular teaching services. (Please do not attributable attributable attributable correction children’s existent names to shield confidentiality.) Control precipitation, illustrate the failure or disqualification on the homily intention.

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