APA Paper Sections NEEDED: Title Page, Abstract, Methods, Results*, References, Table/Graph* * I will give you those pages for you to place in the paper Please read additional file for background information. ______________________________________________________________________ Methods: Includes a statement regarding your experimental participants, materials or apparatus, and procedures. Results: This section is for your data, which may be displayed numerically, graphically, with tables and with figures. All figures and tables need to be labeled. Narratively describe your data in this section. ______________________________________________________________________ 1. The essay is about Lexical Decision. 2. The original class size was 21 college students. ** 3.The experiment was done at 9-9:30 am at a college. The students use the software program CogLab (on the a desktop computer privately in their own room) on Lexical Decision to conduct the experiment. ** I will message you or attach a file about #2 The reference for Coglab is listed right below for citing it within your methods section. Francis, G., & Neath, I. (2007). CogLab on a CD, Version 2.0, 4th Ed. Wadsworth. ~~~For this or similar assignment papers~~~