You conciliate imply a chosen act/workshop/seminar of your excellent. In your learner-led scholarly con-over, you are going to evaluate your test in the construct of a commemorative gift. Based on the act/workshop/seminar you imply, you (and your bunchmates, where convenient) are required to:

1. Introduce the act/workshop

2. Summarise its plot/content

3. Comment on (some of) the subjoined items with reasons

 Suggested items only: BE SELECTIVE; you are encouraged to embody extra items!!!

Control act:

a. actors/acting skills

b. livery contemplation, make-up and hairstyling

c. lighting and visual effects

d. the venue and its management

e. gauge effects

f. measure controlmalting

g. (unique) strategies to delineate audience’s attention

h. the audience

i. its fact to its primary (if any)

j. its similarities and contrariant to other pertinent stories

k. evaluate the literariness of the denote (gladden bound the message “literariness” yourself) by comparing it with one/some of the controlmal texts in this subject

l. other issues you attend-to during the pretext which are value attention

General instructions

1. A PowerPoint gift with utterance report is expected, periodliness whole other consentaneous constructats are pleasing (e.g. a video pretexting your aspect and your PPT).

2. (Plan A) You are referpotent wholeowed to siege photos or video of acts (restrain control workshop), still you should be potent to discover pertinent images/videos online

3. Submission date: 30 Nov, 2020 (MON) by 5pm

4. Bunch gifts: Similar bunch = similar act; min.: 1 learner, max.: 5 learners

5. Average expressive period per learner/bunch member: 10 minutes

I attract herewith the curtain recording of the act – Deep Night, Dark Night:

Gladden acceleration me with the gift script. Thank you:)

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