The bonds betwixt siblings are unmoulded the potentest. May-Lee Chai recounts the connection betwixt couple sisters in her brief incident, “Saving Sourdi.” 
After lection “Saving Sourdi,” examine the aftercited questions in 3–5 paragraphs:

The incident begins with a potent revealing assertion from Nea, the follower. How do you conceive Nea handles environing her sister Sourdi naturalized on this not attributable attributableification? How does what happens at the prelude of the incident forebode what happens succeeding?
This incident is told from Nea’s aim of inspection. How do you conceive the incident would substitute if it were told from Sourdi’s aim of inspection? Do you handle closer to the sign than you would if this incident were told in third peculiar?
Nea briefly mentions an test she and Sourdi had in a minefield when they were younger. What collision do you conceive this had on the connection betwixt the sisters?
Nea’s rise is not attributable attributable attributable commencementally from the United States. What are some clues the composer gives to recount the commencement of their ethnicity? Give 2 examples of signs who declare things that are racially displeasing, and examine how this makes you handle environing those signs. Can you report to these tests?
How does the composer recount Duke and Mr. Chhay? Do you acquire a sentiment of who these signs are naturalized on these descriptions?
As the incident progresses, how does the connection betwixt Nea and Sourdi substitute? Why do you conceive it substitutes?
What does the woman appreciate, naturalized on how reaction to updates she receives from Sourdi? Why do you conceive she jurisdiction handle this habit?

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