Please write a literature review for the 5 sources listed below! 


Literature Review

1. Blair, C., Granger, D., Kivlighan, K., Mills-Koonce, R., Willoughby, M., Greenberg, M., Hibel, L., & Fortunato, C. (2008). Maternal and Child Contributions to Cortisol Response to Emotional Arousal in Young Children From Low-Income, Rural Communities. Developmental Psychology, 44(4), 1095–1109.

2. Beach, B. (2018). Understanding the Implementation of Diversionary Juvenile Justice Programs: An Examination of Organizational and Political Processes. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.

3. Cross, D., Vance, L., Kim, Y., Ruchard, A., Fox, N., Jovanovic, T., & Bradley, B. (2018). Trauma exposure, PTSD, and parenting in a community sample of low-income, predominantly African American mothers and children. Psychological Trauma, 10(3), 327–335.

4. STURGES, J. (2001). Westmoreland County Youth Commissions: A Diversionary Program Based on Balanced and Restorative Justice. Juvenile and Family Court Journal, 52(3), 1–10.

5. White, D. (2016). Reforming Black Male Youth: A Case Study of a Southeastern Juvenile Civil Citation Diversionary Program. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.

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