Topic Designate: Logistics and Minister Manacle Management
Assessment Title: Assessment 3 – Enlarge a Scheme that captures the work and implementation of a logistics and minister manacle constituency control a fantastic or enlargeing act
Weighting: 40% (10% control each sunder)
Total Marks: 100 (each sunder)
Ascribable Date: Immodest (4) staged inferioritys from Weeks 10-13.
Each sinferior has a rate of 10%.
Final inferiority ascribable Monday of Week 13 – 15:55 AEST
Assessment Description
Submission: Turnitin (as powerpoint slides with not attributable attributablees saved as a Pdf)
Length: Immodest (4) sunders where each sinferior should be 4-5 slides with a 300-500 account portraiture of your
Tardy inferiority possible: Published Kaplan penalties employ control tardy inferioritys
Assessment brief
Each scholar get enlarge a Scheme balance a age of immodest (4) weeks that captures full of the elements of the work of a minister manacle and logistics discontinuance control a fantastic or enlargeing act.
Each sinferior get exact the scholar to elaboration a sundericular theme and then order a donation of what they entertain discovered through their elaboration. In attention to the donation, scholars should inferiorstand a written portraiture in the not attributable attributablees inferiority. The ‘notes’ should as-well-mannered inferiorstand citations to intimation symbolical reasond and Url links to symbolical to help your findings. Each sinferior of the scheme work scarcitys to be inferiorstandd as a discrete inferiority so as not attributable attributable attributable to source any outcome with Turnitin.
Project control Trimester 2, 2019
Background Information
Treat yourself: A repropose in claim towards encouragement movables is favouring niche operators
“Operators in the Chocotardy and Confectionery Manufacturing assiduity entertain faced changing consumer preferences balance the departed five years. Extending consumer concerns environing the equality of stout and sugar in foods entertain weakened claim control chocotardy and confectionery balance the departed five years, sundericularly in respects to mass-produced works. Assiduity sundericipants entertain increased work permutation and introduced healthier works in attempts to period the enumerate of consumers switching to depute works, such as yoghurt. Attentionally, consumer claim control encouragement works has increased balance the departed five years which has boosted assiduity act. Assiduity fruits is expected to extend at an annualised
2.2% balance the five years through 2017-18, to grasp $6.1 billion (Ibiscosmos-people 2018, p.4).”
Relevant Ibis Assiduity reports can be plant in the library at:
Case control Analysis
The Cardinale parentage entertain been making and dispose-ofing encouragement hand-made chocolates from their abode in Western Sydney control the developed five years. They entertain cemal a pungent-muscular clump of customers comprised of members of the unconcealed social and smfull dutyes such as restaurants and cafes. They shape their chocolates from twain dairy and non-dairy works and most of their chocolates are gluten-free.
Each chocotardy dispose-ofs individually control $2 notwithstanding they as-well-mannered currently dispose-of multiformity assortments of 10 chocolates control $15 and 20 chocolates control $25. Each year, claim has extendn control their work and developed year (2016-2017) they made an annual emolument of $120,000. Their accountant has been advising the Cardinales to enlarge their duty and to propose workion to retail ground. Using their possess funds concertedly with a smfull mortgage from the bank they entertain purchased a treasure in the ocean street of their national treasureping capital where they can now molding their chocolates in the alteration retail kitchen area, hoard them in eespecial refrigerated cabinets and dispose-of from the treasure at the front. Sales get start in the fantastic ground in March 2018.
The youngest Cardinale son, Tony, who has fitting refined his Bachelor of Duty station at Kaplan in
Sydney, believes that the parentage are peaceful thinking “too diminutive”. He elaborate Logistics and Minister Manacle Management as sinferior of his station and he knows that Amazon, the biggest retailer in the cosmos-people, has of-late established frank in Australia. He believes that there is a operativenessy untapped trade control the encouragement chocolates that his parentage produces and that dispose-ofing them using the Amazon online platform is a unartificial and efficacious practice to influence fantastic customers and stimutardy workion.
Weekly Scheme Scrutinys
Week 9 – Background
What is the trade greatness control chocotardy manufacturing in Australia? Which companies are the ocean sundericipants in the assiduity? Examine the competitive view to warrant and illustrate 3-4 precarious aspects control cheerful-fortune control this assiduity.
Week 10 – Proposed Minister Manacle
Get the minister manacle control the fantastic enlargeed duty scarcity to be differentiated on the account of multiple sales channels / customer segments? What changes to manufacturing get scarcity to be made to decide online sales through Amazon? What mechanisms are conducive control the Cardinales to controlecast advenient claim?
Week 11 – Evaluation of Scheme
From a minister manacle and logistics perspective what operativeness be the benefits and disadvantages of dispose-ofing their works using the Amazon online platform? What is your knowledge of the promise “Big Box Minister Manacle”?
Week 12 – Redesigned Minister Manacle
On the account that full sales are now substance made either through the treasure or online through Amazon, invent a diagram that captures full phases of the Cardinale Chocolates Minister Manacle. How operativeness Cardinale Chocolates improve reason technology to shape their minister manacle and logistics activities elevate causative?
What to inferiorstand in your scheme
1. Cbalance slide with your designate and scholar ID
2. 4-5 slides with images and/or bullet points outlining your findings (i.e., answers to the scrutinys posed)
3. Helping not attributable attributablees as a ‘transcript’; as if you were delivering this donation 4. Not attributable attributablees should as-well-mannered inferiorstand:
a. citations to intimation symbolical
b. links to any helping symbolical (e.g., reports or videos)
5. Intimation schedule as the developed slide
6. Save the ‘presentation’ as ‘notes’ to PDF

Assessment Marking Rubric – each sunder
Criteria HD (High Distinction) 85%-100% DN (Distinction) 75%-84% CR (Credit) 74%-65% P (Pass) 50%-64% NN (Fail) 0%-49% Mark
Assessment Contenteded (MAN203 Assessment 3) OUT OF 50 MARKS
Knowledge of scrutiny contenteded and plea Redress rejoinder to scrutiny
Explanation concepts and definitions reasond right in rejoinders and compulsory promises accurately defined. Redress rejoinder to scrutiny
Explanation concepts reasond right in rejoinders Redress rejoinder to scrutiny
Lack of explanation concepts and/or definitions Redress rejoinder to scrutiny, notwithstanding provides inadequate specialty Inexact rejoinder with inadequate or inexact specialtys /40
Precarious evaluation of scenario Cheerful-fortunefully applies theories to scenario in a precatory practice that reflects knowledge and provides best results. Applies theories to scenario in a practice that reflects knowledge. Adequately applies theories to scenario. Applies theories to scenario so-far inadequate specialty granted. Applies theories to scenario in a practice that reflects a misguidance. /40
Redress academic writing mode reasond, including redress spelling, rhetoric and punctuation Sentences and paragraphs are well-mannered-behaved-mannered-mannered constituencyd and free. Vocabulary is free, efficacious and academic.
Grammar, spelling and punctuation are flawless. Sentences and paragraphs are well-mannered-behaved-mannered-mannered constituencyd and free with inferior exceptions. Vocabulary is free, efficacious and academic
Grammar, spelling and punctuation are cheerful Sentences and paragraphs are oceanly well-mannered-behaved-mannered-mannered constituencyd. Vocabulary is broad. Few errors in rhetoric, spelling and punctuation Sentences and paragraphs are diseased constituencyd.
Vocabulary is repeatedly undignified. Rhetoric, spelling and punctuation are repeatedly inexact Meaning is unclear/constituency is repeatedly wickedness.
Vocabulary reasond is inexact/not attributable broad. Rhetoric, spelling and punctuation are mainly inexact. /10
In-passage referencing and intimation schedule follows Harvard mode and agreeing with KBS guidelines Expert experience and voucher of full sources in the passage and in intimation schedule. Full intimations in the redress controlmat. Compliant Acknowledged full sources in the passage and in intimation schedule. Full intimations in redress controlmat. Compliant with elaboration aim guidelines.
Acknowledged most sources in the passage and intimation schedule. Most intimations in the redress controlmat. Compliant with elaboration aim guidelines. Acknowledged most sources
in the passage and intimation schedule. Some intimations in the inexact controlmat. Compliant with elaboration aim guidelines.
Several sources are unacknowledged. Major errors in controlmat of intimations.
Noncompliance with elaboration aim guidelines. /10
Assignment Mark/Grade: Total score
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