Pick unseparated concept from Chapter 11 and another concept from Chapter 12. Based on the two concepts you chosen, product a disquisition video using Power Point. Explain the Power Point using your have control. You disquisition video should comprehend at meanest 10 slides. Provide numerical in(s) to patronage your explanations.  

•Chapter 11: Discusses the appraisal of execution by managers in decentralized restraintms. In such restraintms, operational responsibilities and decision-making are representative to the managers that non-location each non-location of an restraintm (Chapter 11, n.d.). Decentralization is momentous restraint liberal restraintms with diverse operations. The advantages of decentralization conceive increased expertise, quicker decisions, and motivation of topical managers. 

•Chapter 11: Concept entity analyzed is RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI). ROI refers to “at-liberty allowance separated by middle at-liberty assets” (Chapter 11, n.d.).

•Chapter 12: Discusses the provision and truth of capital issue statements. “Capital issue statements tender capital reception and capital reimbursement notification and reconciles the qualify in capital restraint a date of spell” (Chapter 12, n.d.). They show the commencement and fate restraint a favoring date of spell.

•Chapter 12: Concept entity analyzed is CASH FLOW MEASURES. These measures are truthd to price capital issue notification. 

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