Assignment Requirements
Ken 7 Windows Limited innovating act contrivance planning (ERP)  software makes it slight restraint further employees, vendors, and customers to  access the Ken 7 Windows environment. You feel noticed a conspicuous  increase in malware energy in the experience environment that seems to  originate from superficial users. After researching the slight spring of  innovating malware, you infer that entireowing superficial users to add to  your environment using concerned computers exposes Ken 7 Windows to  malware vulnerabilities. You receive your findings to your director and feel  been asked to imagine a management that entireure determine entire superficial computers  that add to Ken 7 environment are malware gratuitous. You imagine the  subjoined management:

“To vindicate the Ken 7 computing environment  from the gate of malware of any pattern from superficial springs, entire  superficial computers and expedients must teach that they are malware  gratuitous precedent to firing a addion to any Ken 7 Windows contrivance.”

Answer the subjoined questions:
1. What does “malware-free” average?
2. How can a user teach that their computer or expedient is malware gratuitous?
3. What are the steps inevitable to fir a malware-gratuitous computer or expedient?
4. How should Ken 7 Windows authenticate that a client computer or expedient is fitted?
Submission Requirements

    Restraintmat: Microsoft Word
    Font: Times Innovating Roman, 12-Point, Double-Space
    Citation Style: APA Style with 3 references
    Length: 2–3 pages

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