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Notably, when writing a dissertation in the field of maritime you are supposed to follow a systematic process. The first step that you ought to take when working on it is identifying a problem in the field of maritime. Such a problem can be either a knowledge gap or a real life problem. If you are finding it hard to come up with such a problem then you could sure use our maritime dissertation writing help service. Our writers are ready to offer you a step by step guide on how to come up with a viable topic. The next step is developing a proposal. This is usually much complicated than it sounds and no wonder we receive a lot of requests from students asking us to offer them maritime research paper writing help. Once your maritime proposal is approved you are expected to collect and analyze the relevant data in order to solve the identified problem. You might be excited to learn that we are willing and capable of helping you in analyzing data for your maritime dissertation. All that you need to do in order to enjoy our help is to order for our nautical science writing services. We shall be sure to offer you high quality help.

Maritime operations/nautical science in Sampled Ports:

Maritime operations in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the countries that greatly benefits from the marine industry. It has a coastline of approximately 853 kilometers. The coastline crosses through Lagos, Cross Rivers, Delta, Ondo, Bayelsa, and Akwa-Ibom. Nigerian Waters and coastline is a great asset to Nigeria as the country depends on it for about 90% of its imports and exports. Nigeria is one of the leading countries in the production of oil in Africa. The maritime industry helps the country access international markets.

The Nigerian maritime industry is facing several challenges. These include; lack of well-established legal frameworks to govern the sector, pollution, security threats, inadequate trained personnel and embezzlement of funds allocated to the marine industry. The Nigerian Navy has done quite a recommendable job as it is evident that there is a significant decrease in piracy, robbery, and illegal oil bunkering. However, delay in the prosecution of those who perpetrate such acts is frustrating their efforts.

Maritime operations in Australia

Australia, one of the smallest continents in the world has the third largest marine environment with 25 760 Kilometers. The Australian maritime industry contributes approximately $5.76 billion globally and accounts for 10% of the world’s sea trade as most of the cargo goes through the Australian port. It transports 90% of exports from Australia. The sector is facing several challenges such as cybercrime, cargo accumulation, and geopolitical risks.

Several transport companies have encountered cybercrimes. In 2012, the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service’s Integrated System that helps importers track the movement of cargo was hacked. The same thing reoccurred in 2008 after drug dealers hacked the system to find out the goods that were being screened. Although the Royal Australian Navy is doing its best to eradicate dangers in the Australian waters, piracy in the South China Sea poses a great threat to the Australian marine industry. The Australia Maritime and Royal Australian Navy support the maritime industry by guarding the sector. Royal Australian Navy commissioned 50 warships in 2018 to facilitate the protection of the marine industry.

Maritime operations in Asia

According to Worldometer Asia is the largest and most populated continent with 48 countries. Its coastline is 62800 kilometers and it covers 9% of the earth’s surface. Some of the countries with the largest coastline in Asia include China, India, Japan, and Turkey. China has a coastline of 32 000 kilometers, its large shoreline has greatly contributed to making China one of the largest growing economies. Particularly in the 21 century, the economy reached $1149.50 billion.

The marine industry in China is divided into twelve sectors. Shanghai is China’s largest port. The Plan Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) guards China waters. It is subdivided into four sections; PLAN Marine Corps, PLAN naval air force and PLAN submarine force.  Several challenges face the marine industry in China, these include pollution, climate change, and the South China Sea dispute. China intends to purchase new shipping materials to intensify the fight against piracy in the Gulf of Eden.

Maritime operations in European ports.

European ports play a vital role in connecting Europe with the international market. 75% of exports and imports pass through these ports. Some of the largest European ports include Albania, Australia, Belgium, Germany, and France. European ports transported four billion tonnes of cargo in 2017. Europe has a well-established legislation framework that governs the ports. It also has antipollution vessels in case oil pollution occurs.

The European Maritime Safety Agency is an agency allocated with the tasks of preventing pollution from ships in the European Union Ports and preventing accidents. European Ports transported a total of 415 million in 2017. The Netherlands ports transported the largest number of cargo in Europe. Each European port has a navy that guards its marine sector. The Marine German Navy protects German waters by combating piracy and robbery. It also secures waterways and sea lines of communication.

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