Marketing intermediaries, such as Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Car dealerships, etc., are an important component of a typical supply chain. However, some people argue that their role is no longer as pronounced as it used to be, because manufacturers could now easily market and sell their products directly to their customers online. In this discussion you will consider whether you think marketing intermediary companies are still useful, and analyze what, if any, value or service they bring.

For your initial post in the discussion forum, choose a specific marketing intermediary and share the following: 

  • Provide a brief background about the intermediary
  • Identify whether the intermediary follows a dual distribution (both online and in-store) strategy
  • Referencing concepts you have learned in this module’s lesson, explain your prediction for the future of this intermediary. Will it survive as a traditional, physical (brick and mortar) store? Why or why not?
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