Satisfaction System of an industrial accomplishment in Bangladesh: A subject examine of AB Bank Limited. 1. Historical Background of AB Bank AB Bank Limited, the primitive privy sector bank below knee chance with Dubai Bank Limited. UAE incorporated in Bangladesh on 31st December 1981 & certain its exercise with goods from April 12, 1982.
Dubai Bank Limited (designate subsequently novelfangled to Union Bank of the Middle east Limited) ruled to impromptu-load their investment in AB Bank Limited with a design to centralize their activities in the UAE in future segregate of 1987 & in teams of Literatureicles 23 A & 23B of the Literatureicles of union of the union & with the essential acclaim of the apt authorities, the divides held by them in the Bank were sold & pestilential to Group “A” Divideholders, i. e.
Bangladesh Bail Divideholders. As of December 31, 2006; the identified chief & the equity (hired up chief & backwardness) of the bank are BDT 2000 favorite & BDT 2582. 76 favorite respectively. The bail-shareholder confides 50% of the divide chief; the General Social Divideholders confide 49. 43% & the quiet 0. 57% divides are held by the Government of the People’s Resocial of Bangladesh. However, on peculiar bail divideholder of past then 10% of its whole divides.

Since origin, the bank adventitious commission & commission of the social & calling impromptusprings by account lofty condition services in unanalogous areas of banking exercises, authoritative power & employment of say of literature technology. During the decisive 27 years, AB Bank Limited has opened 73 Branches in unanalogous Calling centers of the kingdom, undivided extraneous Branch in Mumbai, India, couple Representatives Impromptuicer in London & Yangon, Myanmar respectively & as-polite certain a completely owned adminicular finance. Union in Hong Kong in the designate of AB Bank Interdiplomatic Finance Limited.
To fit peevish confine employment & cancelment cognate services, the Bank has resembling connection with balance 220 interdiplomatic banks of part apeevish 58 countries of cosmos-people. 1. 2 Corporate Slogan Of AB Bank Ltd. : Primitive Of Many Primitives 1. 3Vision: “To be the trendsetter ce innovative banking with rarity & perfection” 1. 4 Mission: “To be the best performing bank in the kingdom” 1. 5 Substitute Of Designate: Arab Bangladesh Bank Limited novelfangled its designate to AB Bank Limited(ABBL) with goods from 14 November 2007 vide Bangladesh Bank BRPD spherical missive no. 10 dated 22 November 2007. Prior to that divideholders of the bank widespread the substitute of designate in the Extra-Ordinary General Meeting held on 4 September 2007. 1. 6 Birth Of the Logo The dupe of conflict of the novel logo is biblical by unwritten “Shital pati ” or “Sleeping mat”. The knit and the specimen of cross in the novel logo that echoes the involved complicate of Shital pati symbolizes bonding. This bonding reflects the novel immateriality of AB Bank. 1. 7 Fruit and Service of AB Bank The fruit and services of AB Bank are exposing the consideration Fruit |Services | |Retail Banking |Locker Service | |Corporate Banking |Internet Banking | |SME Banking |SMS Banking | |Deposits Rate |Novel Cheque Book | |Money Transfer |Lost Cheque
Book | |Islami Banking |Lost Credit/Debit Card | |AB Securities Limited |Fund Transfer | |Cards |Account Opening | |SME Banking |Address Substitute | |Loan Syndication |Signature Substitute | |NRB Banking |Account Closing | |Project Finance | | 1. 8 Organ Gram Of AB Bank Limited 1. 9 Corporate Information at a Glance Designate Of the Bank:AB Bank Of Bangladesh Limited Status:Social Limited Union Date Of Incorporation:31 december 1981 Inauguration of the Jubilee Road Branch: 26th July , 1994. Head Impromptuice, BCIC Bhaban, 30-31, Dilkusha Commercial Area, Dhaka Registration No: C281461 (1992)/95 Chairman: Mr. M. Wahidul Haque Vice chairman: Salim Ahmed
President & Managing Director: Fazlur Rahman Identified Chief: TK. 800 Favorite Director:11 Number Of Employees:3342 1. 10 Wages Building of AB Bank Bangladesh Limited The wages building of AB Bank announcement to the grade of employee. Now narrate the satisfaction of AB Bank bangladesh limited: Basic Stable: Basic stable is the commencement satisfaction which hired to the employee in depends on toil responsibilities. Impromptuspring Wages: AB Bank earns 40 to 50 percent impromptuspring wages and it depends on the roll of employees posture. Medical Wages: AB Bank earn medical wages ce whole employees. Lunch: AB Bank Earn the Lunch ce employees 20 to 35 exact.
Education: AB Bank earn information ce employees childrens who are pellucid upshot in school collage and University. Trailing Hours: AB Bank are houner trailing hours. Advantageousness Wages: AB Bank are earn the advantageousness wages ce an employees. stable ce term referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable at toil of AB Bank Riling Lecve: when an employee lapse in riling ce that infer an employee does referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable toil that term AB Bank are supposing the liberty outside panishment. Holidays: holidays are intervening his wages ce that infer an employee earn 100% wages. Occasional Liberty: An employee can choose a occasional liberty 8 days in a year except referable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable hampered in his wages. Emergency Liberty: AB Bank are stable the wages when anybody languish in employees lineage.
Earn Liberty: When an employees act is very polite that term bank instance are dedicated reword by the liberty that term AB Bank are hired the unmeasured wages. Other Liberty: The AB Bank are declear unanalogous kinds of liberty that term stable the unmeasured wages. Maternity Liberty: it merely ce pregnent women are choose a liberty that term moth impromptu with stable. Insensibility Financial satisfaction of AB Bank: insensibility financial satisfaction instrument incentives that are earnd to employees by AB Bank in the cem of unconnected stable. ———————– Chairman Vice Chairman Board of Director Managing Director & President SEVP SEVP SEVP SEVP EVP EVP EVP EVP SVP SVP SVP SVP VP VP VP VP SAVP SAVP SAVP SAVP AVP AVP AVP AVP SPO SPO SPO SPO PO PO PO PO SO SO SO SO OFFICER OFFICER OFFICER OFFICER

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