Math 120 HW6…… due in 6 hrs

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Directions: Show your work on all of these problems.  You may find Word’s equation editor helpful in creating mathematical expressions in Word.  There is a tutorial on using this equation editor in Module 1 Lecture Notes.  You also have the option of hand writing your work and scanning it.Complete the following problems in Chapter 3: Section Exercises.Note: Disregard any directions that ask to draw a graph.Section 3.4 Exercises (p. 217-218):Problems: 19-27 odd, 83, 85, 89Section 3.5 Exercises (p. 232-233):Problems: 11-33 odd, 43-53 odd, 61, 63Section 3.6 Exercises (p. 247-248):Problems. 7-39 oddInstructions:Step 1: Google IboardStep 2: Click on Iboard ( 3: Username and password bot are 2532121983Step 4: Click on MAT 120: College AlgebraStep 5: Click on ETEXTStep 6: College Algebra, 9th edition book Click Read nowStep 7: Complete assignments given above, write out questions and show work.Step 8: open the page no. and complete the given questions