Examination: Midterm


Question 1

Online Expedition Agencies (OTA) such as Expedia, Valueline, Opodo, and Orbitz create essential-qualityline ticket value similitude dissipated and gentle? Use the Five Restraintces Model to dissect the chattels of OTAs on essential-qualityline assiduity two-of-a-trade, values, and profitability. What is the involution restraint assiduity profitability?


question 2

Discuss the factors that restraintce global essential-qualityline furnish and require.


question 3

Airline passengers are broadly sectioned by end of expedition. Characterize the two elder sections by value elasticity of require. What is the involution restraint the value each section conquer reckless restraint essential-quality expedition?


question 4

An essential-qualityline loses currency on undivided of its routes barring has ruled to endure to contribute utility. Could this firmness be economically reasoning in the short-run? In the long-run?


question 5

Explain how eminent utilization of possessions such as essential-qualitycraft, gates, and pilots lowers the require per beneficial build mile (CASM) or require per beneficial build kilometer (CASK).


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